Thursday, January 13, 2011

Some things that go together

I'd love to tell stories about locker room shenanigans, but I can't. My pool (I'd tell you which it is, but then I'd have to kill you.) has been so quiet lately and I love it. I hardly see anyone in the locker room. I typically share a lane with at most one other person the last couple of weeks. Today, D and I each had a fast lane to ourselves. Haven't seen her for a while and it was good to catch up.

Today was drill day, trying to tweak and tune the stroke so I need not be ashamed of the video results at swim camp. Lets see, a bunch of kick, fist, FTD, Max distance/stroke, one arm, 123, catchup, then a bunch of 100 m sets nice and easy on 2 minutes, each thinking about a different aspect of my stroke, entry, reach, catch, pull, exit, return, and then putting it all together.

I had to laugh. One of the guys that moved in after D moved out was trying to keep up. I could see the effort within the thrash, and happily cruised on by him. Mr. Can'tstayinhisdraft was there too, zooming back and forth. He cruises along faster than my max swim pace. I'm sure he thinks I'm a perv for trying to sneak glances to see what he's doing that works so well. One hour total. I'm not wanting to overdo it.

Then home. I wanted to get out for a run. I was feeling the need. The itch. It was a bit brisk, so actually thought about the layers. Here's the essentials in 3 images.

I felt heavy and slow. I never really did find a good rhythm, just clumped along. At least most of my neighbours have gotten around to shoveling their side walks, though one needs a liberal interpretation of "shoveled". I'm not sure what some of them were thinking. I got lucky in that the sun was coming out when I started, and the clouds moved in shortly after I was done. 5K, 35:30 working a bit. My knee was feeling a bit tired towards the end.

Camp starts Friday night. There's an hour of swimming Friday evening, which is going to be weird. Swimming is a wake up activity for me. Hope I can sleep. Then we're in the pool lots of Saturday. Lots and lots. Should be fun. It will be nice to see some friends again, and meet some new people. I doubt I'll post anything till Sunday, if I live through the bike. I might have an auto post happen if I finish writing some thoughts about mental illness.


  1. Just look at next week's temperatures!! Can't wait for the + side!!!

    Nice post run photo!!

    Have a great time at Camp this weekend. Take it easy on the bike!

  2. Swimming makes me hungry and so sleepy! Running wakes me up! Biking...not sure. We've got a bunch of snow in Boston, but temps are not even close to what you have to deal with. And nice work in the pool!

  3. I love your running photos. They make me feel like a total wimp for not running here where the temps are WAY warmer.


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