Sunday, January 9, 2011

My knee is Yay!

We stayed up really late last night visiting friends. Really late. Way past my bedtime. So at 8 am when KBRCC started I was just barely getting out of bed. It took a long time to get going. We had other friends drop into during the day for a wonderful chat.

Then I headed downstairs for 30 minutes of core, including 100 crunches, and 2x10 pushups with a very short break in between. My leg was feeling pretty good so I was looking forward to the bike.

As soon as I got started I knew it would be a good ride. My knee felt strong and stable. I was into time trial gear -1, and it wasn't so long ago that that one was time trial gear. I could also get above 100 rpm and that felt good. No standing though or big gears, I wanted to get my legs used to a stronger and faster spin. I'm super pleased, and could have gone on longer. However supper called, so it was 1.5 hrs. After dinner I iced my leg, as it was feeling a bit tired and sore.

Weekly Summary
Swim 4.5 hrs
Bike 2.75 hrs
Run 1.0 hrs
Total cardio 8.25 hrs
Core 2.75 hrs.


  1. Yay! (for both your knee and for respecting the dinner call!)

  2. Loved the chat too!! Got home safe and sound :) Always a giggle when we see you guys, even if this one was a quick visit - make up for it next time :)

  3. Yay for a Yay Knee!

    Say "hi" to you knee for me!

    (If you said, "Hi, knee!" ... I JUST MADE YOU CURSE!1!)


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