Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A trainer ride. In July. More WTF.

Swam this morning due to an organizational failure on my part. I have a Stampede breakfast and lunch on the 15th. For some reason I thought the 15th was Wednesday, so I did that swim today. Then when I got to work there was a reminder of the lunch on Thursday the 15th. My first thought was "they've got the day, awww shit." Not that it really matters, I'll go in early tomorrow, and be able to leave a bit early.

Swim was good. Mr. Elegant joined me near the end. Chatted to him while stretching after the swim and found out he and his wife are training for IMC too. Swam 1.25 hrs.  Feeling stronger and smoother.

It's raining hard out there. Has been all day. I think the high was barely into double digits, and when I got home I could just see my breath on the air. Crazy gusty windy. Needless to say, being a weenie, I didn't ride out doors. I didn't even want to swap workout days and run outside.

Warmed up. 3 x 15 hard and 5 really easy. These hards were very strong, aiming for the hardest gear I could maintain at least 85 rpm and preferably 90. Oly pace, or more. I've never sweat so much on the trainer. My right knee was complaining a little. Tried going even harder for a shorter interval, but enough was enough. Worked on spin instead, easy gear with high cadence. Total 2:15 on the bike while watching the second Pirates of the Caribbean.

Then not quite 30 minutes stretching and core. I was surprised that I could do pushups very slowly and felt fine. Maybe a dozen very slow pushups, NOT all at once. Front plank still sucks, but side plank was ok, and I was even doing leg lifts quite nicely. I remember not so long ago I was telling my leg to move and it wouldn't. Obliques. Rows.


  1. That is some crazy weather...I agree WTF?

    You made me feel better with the day mixup. I've already done that twice this week :-))

  2. I overheard two co-workers talking yesterday, discussing that this weather is the beginning of the end of the world. With the oil spill and the weather and they had a few other disaster things as evidence...

    I have my bike on my trainer all ready for my ride tonight...yeah...fun times!!

  3. we skipped last night too - raining here pretty good.


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