Thursday, July 22, 2010

Coulda. Shoulda. But didn't.

But would you have?

Hearing thunder and seeing lightning in those clouds, in the direction you'd be riding in? Be honest now.

In the end there was no rain. Nothing. I could have gone, though it might have been a windy ride. And it might have been raining 7 K south of here. I'll never know. And just in case I have a reader in Evergreen or Bridlewood, I don't want to know.

But maybe it's just as well, my legs are very tired and creaky. And I was ready for bed at 7pm. Still, the evening wasn't a total wipe out. My core workout was 5 sets, with an eternity of plank, many pushups, obliques, many pushups minus 2, lots of upright rows, and finishing with many pushups divided by 2.

The first set was good, which was a surprise.
The second set was good, which was an even bigger surprise.
The third set planked and pushuped to failure, which was not a surprise. The rest was good.
The fourth and fifth sets were just the obliques and rows.
Tried the plank again at the end and quickly failed. Pushups failed even quicker.

I'm planning to escape work early tomorrow, and try the ride. I've got the energy drink all made up. And I got an email from someone wanting me to do a few weeks of contract work for them! I'll go in Monday to talk to them and get a better grip on scope. I've worked with them before and liked it. Looks like it will fit in nicely with training plans till IM. Which is good.

Tell me true, you wouldn't have ridden, would you?


  1. Exact same view from my neighborhood up north here. I ended up dragging my tired arse onto the trainer to do intervals. It rained off on with high winds.

  2. I'll go in Monday to talk to them and get a better grip on scope.

    Wait. You named your p*nis "Scope"?

    That's just weird, Keef.

    But good luck improving your grip. Because the grip is the most important part of any self-pleasuring technique. And let's face it ... if you don't pleasure yourself, nobody else is gonna do it for you.

    That's been MY experience, anyway.

  3. we spent the last hour last night racing AWAY from a storm. lucky it was towards the car. ;-)

  4. Oh absolutely. I embrace risk.

  5. I'd have stayed in too...especially if I felt like I had creaky legs...

    Of course, I am a SoCal weather wimp, so I'm not sure that makes you feel any better :-))


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