Wednesday, July 14, 2010

90 minutes, some of it in the sun!

For the first time in a while it was warm and sunny when I got home from work, but there were clouds building to the north. Pfffft! It's so nice to be running in shorts and short sleeves again.

Started easy at the bike path and 37th street. Ran on the easy side of comfortable for 30 minutes. High zone two based on heart rate and breathing. Picked up the pace to the hard side of comfortable, low zone 3 for the next 30 minutes. Ran feeling really strong and comfortable. For the last 30 minutes I picked it up into high zone 3, pushing a bit, maybe not quite a 10 K pace. My legs still felt good, though I did get a twinge in the left ham going up a hill near the very end.

I'd turned around right at the 45 minute mark, down in the Weaselhead, somewhere short of the bridge over the Elbow, but I'm not sure exactly where. I wanted to neg split to prove I'd run the last 30 faster than the first 30, and did so by nearly 2 minutes. Slowed down to easy run for that two minutes and walked home, stopping for some stretches on a park bench. Walked about 10 minutes to start and end, with some stretching on each.

The first 20 minutes of the run were quite hot, then it clouded over and it was really nice. The last bit was clear and sunny again.

I'd mixed up a batch of Nuun and drank part before the run, and took some with me in a little flask. Toward the end I was getting a bit thirsty. I wouldn't have wanted to go much further without more to drink, and maybe a gel. Before leaving work I had a cookie, a small yogurt, and 2 bananas.

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