Friday, July 16, 2010

No inspiration came for a title.

Longest swim for me in a very long time, 3800 m was the plan, and I'm pretty sure I did 3900. In the water for an hour and 20 minutes. My shoulders were doing some odd clicking and it took a while to get warmed up and in the groove.

When I got home I did Thursday's core. How many of you noticed I didn't mention it then? Plank was good! Which is a nice change, but the tricep dips sucked. Everything else was good.

Then out for a 65 minute run. 10 warmup 3(12H/3E) 10 cooldown. The hards were supposed to be faster than half IM pace and they were that. I figure I was going a bit faster than my 10 K pace on the hards since I was coming up on the 10 K mark in an hour that included an easy warmup, and a really easy jog to cool down. The hards felt strong and fast. It was a beautiful evening for a run. Walked and stretched after.

Oh, and I forgot to mention the skunk I nearly ran over during the bike ride yesterday. That inspired a fast turn and a bit of a sprint. I'm glad there was no traffic around.

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  1. Great workouts to kick-start the weekend! Very impressive (especially the long swim).


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