Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The first lightning stroke was at 1:06 into my ride

The thunder followed less than 3 seconds later.

Core was first, with all good except for the wall sit with the fit ball. Unfortunately I'm not allowed to sit on it, I have to wedge it between my back and the wall. This just kills my quads, especially the sore area on the top of my right knee. Lots of ab stuff. Did some stretches in prep for the bike. Half hour all up.

I'd been smart and read the weather forecast before starting the workout. At that first lightning stroke you can be assured I was very glad I'd decided to do the bike workout on the trainer. It got really dark. It rained really hard. There was lots of lightning and thunder as the storm passed pretty well right over the house. There was hail. When she got home from yoga Linda said several streets not far from here were flooded. Now it's very dark off to the south and east.

The bike started with a good long warmup. My right knee has been clicking a bit sometimes, which has me a bit worried. It's never done this before, but it's been gradually coming on. My calves and hams were tired this morning. Did some one leg drill and am appalled at how badly that sucked. Not sure if it's because my legs are getting tired or sloppy. Or lazy.

The warmup merged into the first interval, moderate pace concentrating on efficiency and form. From there till cool down was a series of intervals, most of which were steady at just faster than comfortable pace, say one gear less than time trial, or quite strong, say 1 gear harder than time trial. Good cool down with some spin ups. I broke up the workout with some standing bits and strong spin ups. One of them I pushed all the way to the hardest gear and up to about 110 rpm. That didn't last long. 2.5 hrs for the bike.

Now that I've stretched a bit more, and should probably stretch more yet, and I've eaten something, the problem is that I'm AWAKE. There is no point going to bed. I'd just thrash around annoying Linda. So if anyone reads this in the next hour, and wants to chat, my msm is keith.cartmell at hotmail dot com. No point sending email to that address, I don't look at it much. It's good to have a phone number and an email address you can give to people you don't want to talk to.

Visited my fave tri store, Tri It, to pick up new goggles. I wanted exactly the same Aquasphere goggles I bought almost 2 years ago, swimming 3 x a week or so. Probably 300 swims isn't far off. They've just started leaking. I think that's a great deal for $30. While I was there I got a whacking big stick of bodyglide. I've been working off some small bars that came as swag in one of my earlier races and they're about done. And, I bought the jersey I plan to race in at IMC. This one. It's mostly white, which should be good for being in the sun. Maybe if my fan base clamours for it, I'll post a pic of me in what I'll be wearing for the race, along with my bib number so you can track me and watch for me on the course. You are all coming to IMC to cheer me on, right? RIGHT?? Well, I know some of you are.


  1. Clicking?! Where in your knee? Doesn't sound good. Pun intended. ;)

  2. the resa had clicking in her knee for a while there too. now she loads on advil and ice and that takes the swelling down and no more clicking!

    into the hardest parts of the workout plan i am guessing... at least we are. during the taper you will be longing for these days. :-)

  3. Love the new jersey and would like a picture of your race outfit. I'll be cheering you on from my computer!

  4. I heard there was a nasty storm in the south last night! Relatively clear skies in the NW for once!! Rain-free run.

    Nice jersey! I would love to watch IMC in person, but I might do something stupid like sign up for the next year's race!!

  5. you better believe i will lose my voice because i will be cheering for you every step of the way!!

  6. ps. be warned. i'm gonna cry. already i'm thinking about you crossing the dang finish line and i'm getting all misty. LOL. sheesh.


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