Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Barely got wet

First swim since GWN. Only 15 minutes, mostly easy, but a few fast laps trying to stay in the draft of a much faster swimmer.

Then about 15 minutes water running, mostly easy, but one fast lap trying to avoid a geezer. Then some stretching to work on my legs.

I'm feeling pretty good, enjoying the bit of a break from formal training. Tomorrow is supposed to be nice so I'll try for an easy spin bike ride.

I am thinking about comment moderation. I have someone posting non-English comments that are a link to porn. So far it hasn't been a problem to take them down but it is marginally annoying. Any thoughts about comment moderated blogs?


  1. I just took comment moderation off mine today... funny. I find these runners we speak to (Heisenberg) enjoy the immediate gratification of seeing their prose up there. I like the conversational aspect of not having moderation.

    Also, don't click the chinese porn messages...

  2. EEEE!! I've never clicked to see where those comments go....I've received them from time to time...

    I agree with Neil. Unless of course, it is getting to really annoy you, in which case I say go for it.

  3. It's your blog, do what you want-we'll still follow along.

  4. yeah - kinda annoying to have someone just post here that you dont know, why, just the other... HEY!!! Wait a minute. did you say PORN!?!?!? uh.... what was the link to that uh.... 'informational' site?


  5. I changed my settings so only people with blogs or people who log-in with an e-mail can comment. It did the trick and stopped all the spam. And my sister, who doesn't blog, can still comment b/c she has a gmail account. I'd change it for sure b/c I agree, it's VERY annoying.

  6. Sorry- I will stop posting the non-English porn sites... (j/k!)

  7. I got really wet. But that was from watching the porn.


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