Monday, July 12, 2010

Tights+gloves+jacket= July??? WTF!!!

Swimming, the first real swim since GWN. Warmup. Then 2(8x100) on 2 minutes. First set was steady, and the second was to be more intense. Well. The first set was pretty well all 1:45 or so after the first couple were a bit faster. The second set was one of those times where more effort does not equate to a faster swim. I knew I wasn't being as efficient in the water and didn't feel as strong but couldn't do much about it. My flip turns were slowly turning into flop turns. My watch says I was in the water an hour but I don't quite believe it. I was sharing a lane with 2 girls that swim just a hair faster than I do, so I was working to keep up. Then suddenly they went away and there was a slow guy. Fortunately I discovered this as I was going into cool down.

We had a major thunderstorm today. It got really dark during the mid afternoon, and a bit of pea to grape sized hail came down. Other parts of Calgary got it much worse. The news had reports of one house where the vinyl siding was essentially shredded. One guy had his front window broken out. Several cars lost front and back windshields. One woman called in to say she had kiwi sized hail in her yard.

It was dark off to the south of us and extremely windy as I got ready for my run. Like the title says, I wore tights, a jacket, and gloves. It was 10 C (50 F). Running downwind was nice, that's all I can say. Even through Fish Creek I was still getting a lot of wind. Several trees had large branches broken. Back up 24th St was straight into the wind. Grrrrr. Total 45 minutes, walk and stretch after. Legs felt good throughout, running steady at the pace I'd hoped to run GWN at. Next time...


  1. 6 degrees here this morning and it's the middle of July. I don't know why I am still clinging to the idea of summer....probably my stubbornness again. Hahahaha!! I think I need to buy more "winter riding gear" so I can frigging ride outside this summer!!!!

  2. I can't believe you ran outside in that storm - hardcore! Yesterday was my first day of rest in a while so I was kicked back on the couch watching TV/playing video games.

    Tonight though I have to ride and it looks like I'll be on the mountain bike again with the rain forecasted.

  3. Hail the size of a full grown resident of New Zealand?!?! Now THAT'S impressive...

    (GAWD! I really shouldn't even comment here. It'll just encourage you to continue your shameless begging over at carpeviam's blog.)

  4. I think it's supposed to be 50 C here today if I converted correctly. (100 F is what I'm trying to get at.) So 50 F would feel dreamy. But the thunderstorm sounds dreadful.

  5. PS- what did you end up doing about your comments? Did you change the settings?

  6. You wore THAT much for 10C?! I would wear shorts and long sleeves. Maybe. Does this mean I'm a beast?!


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