Monday, July 26, 2010

Legs still there, still good

Sometimes the day after a workout is the hard one. Legs that got you through it, and a bit more give up for the next day. Or the next week as has been the case for me a few times. But after my long ride and T run my legs are still doing good. I'm not going up the stairs two at a time or anything, but I could if I had to.

My swim warmup included 200 m choice kick. I cheated by not doing all of it, all at once. 50 m front with board. 50 m back. (50 m pull extra) 50 m side. Later for cool down I added in the other 50 m front kick with board.

Lots of drill alternating with hard, 50 m each. Fist, catchup, one arm, FTD, butt in the air. The 50 hards weren't particularly hard. Then some other stuff. Then 3x300, Free, paddles, fins. Each was supposed to be 10 to 15 seconds faster. FAIL!!! Free was slow. Paddles were much slower. Fins were a minute faster than free. I am coming to hate paddles. Today I tried ones with a velcro wrist strap. I thought that would be more comfy. But the finger loop was the surgical cord and way too loose, and I couldn't tighten it. Plus, as I realized when I started, the paddle is beyond huge. I'm beginning to think it might be worth spending some money to buy paddles and adjust them for me. In the water 1.25 hrs.

Ate at the pool and went to what some people might call a job interview. It was clear within a few minutes that I was in if I wanted in. Given the advantages, I'm in, starting tomorrow. The big advantage is being able to work from home a great deal. I'm hoping to get my bikes and runs done during the heat of the day, before the thunderstorm rolls in. Like I did today. Not sure how long it will last, since it's a "till this defined problem is fixed"sort of thing, but they want it done sooner than yesterday, AND the fixes will be subjected to scrutiny under a microscope.

The massage was wonderful. I'd booked it back when I was spooked by the thought of a 180K ride. Still it was a good thing since there were lots of sore bits.

The run was 45 minutes of goodness. Just at the very end I was getting a bit tired, but I actually think it was a hydration issue. I'd drunk just before leaving, but it's hot out and I was sweating big time. Once I got back inside with something to drink, and do some stretches I was fine.


  1. Yeah, what is up with those evening Thunderstorms that roll in at the time we plan to head out for a ride/run!!!

    Sounds like the new working arrangement will help alleviate that!

  2. I hate paddles and have never swam with them. Can't stand them and don't think they do any good anyway. Just my $.02.

    So, I guess I didn't realize you were in the market for a new job. Congrats on this new one - I am sure you'll love working from home when you can.


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