Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Swimming organization before I got there

Imagine my surprise to walk into FOMC to see 4 people swimming in each of the fast lanes. For a moment I considered going into one of the medium speed lanes that only had 2 people in it, then looked at those two and what they were doing, and forgot that idea real quick. Then I saw one of the fast lanes had a breast stroker, so I ruled out that one, and looked at the other fast lane. In fact, they were all going pretty good, and one girl was gradually catching up to people, and they were good about letting her pass. So, I figured, if they let one person pass, they'll let two people pass. And so it was.

I got started and settled into a groove pretty quick. They were indeed good about letting us pass. Fast girl passed me, and I hung onto her draft for 3 lengths before I gradually slipped out. However, she never caught up again. My first K ended up being 19:30, and feeling pretty good. Shortly after that, most of the prey I mean, other swimmers called it a morning, and I was left with just one person to share the lane with. I sort of lost the incentive to swim as fast, and gradually slowed down. At 1500 m I was 29:40, but then I got tired, and finished up 2K at 40:10.

Then a half hour of core and deep water running in the dive tank. The pool staff were telling me that just lately Wednesday and Fridays have been really busy, but they don't know why. I don't mind it busy if everybody behaves themselves like today.

Tonight was the first yoga class for this session. Supposedly it's beginner Hatha. What they don't understand is that I need a pre-beginner. As it happens, Fiona was good to us tonight. Lots of beginner stuff that didn't tax me too much. During one of the poses I was thinking I should remember this and do it at home, and of course, do I remember? Nope. Sigh. Such are the ravages of senility.


  1. Pre-beginner!! Hahahahaha!! I love that -- I am so pre-beginner at yoga too. :) :) :)

    I can see your inner shark is starting to emerge once again!! NICE! What a great surprise to have everybody playing nice in the pool...WOW!!

  2. I love it when a swim lane works together! Why is it so hard for people though?!?!?

    Pre-beginner....I am with you and Julie! I need it too.

  3. I got nuthin to say about how organized your swim was. Although, last night some sleek man with a sexy accent and a pair of speedo tinies shared my lane and he played REALLY nice:)


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