Monday, September 28, 2009

A contrast in swimmers

Today was a weird swim day. Just plain weird. It started with a whole herd of skinny kids in the pool and standing by the side, complaining about how cold the water is. Three girls, each with a towel wrapped around themselves. I was just about to get started when they told the kids to swim a length in the lane next to me, then hit the dive tank. It was clear that if those kids weren't there for swim lessons, they should be. It was horrible. At least they went away.

I got started on a warm up, then into 100 m intervals. Soon Mr 8footwidebreaststroker joined me, and I passed him several times. In the next lanes there are people flailing away making big waves. They might say they were swimming, but I wouldn't. Then a guy jumped in over top of me a few seconds before I was about to leave for my next interval. Grrr! I chased him down the pool, intending to pass him so close he wouldn't need to shave after my toenails were done with his face. What do you know, not only did I not catch him, he steadily pulled away. Both of us passed the breast stroker like he was standing still. Somehow, he had the wit to realize he was now totally in the wrong lane and moved over. Thank you.

My arm was feeling pretty good, but my intention had been to swim medium strong and really really smooth. With Mr Fast in my lane I picked up the pace, from about 105 seconds per 100 m down to 100 seconds, and I still wasn't keeping up. Fortunately I didn't have too many to go, and it all worked out well. I think my last one was a little under 100 seconds. Just as I was finished, another girl joined the lane. She was slow, but I didn't stick around to see if she was going to get run over. 30 m, warmup, 2x (5x100) 100 relaxed in the middle, and cool down.

While I was looking around after my swim, I noticed the regular morning herd had showed up. They all hit the warm tub, and stood around chatting. In the way. In the mean time I joined the kids for my core and deep water running. They were all wearing the sissy float belts, and thrashing around like half electrocuted rats. I did my thing. They left as their elders showed up. It was a marked contrast to the young and skinny kids. Let's just say old and fat, and that's being kind to almost all of them. At least they were there going through the motions of doing something about it, I'll have to say that much. And to be fair, there were a couple of exceptions. One of the not-exceptions (I'm talking 300 pounds + here) was up on the springboard. I was waiting for it to turn into that scene from Dead Like Me, but it didn't. They were complaining about the water temp being so cold. Wimps. The water is just barely cool enough, in fact, I think it's just a bit on the warm side. And the hot tub is lukewarm at best. Did my 30 minutes and bailed. I've never felt so average in my life.


  1. Just think -- you have a whole year ahead of you for "Strange Encounters of the Pool Kind." Hahaha!

  2. lmao. The world according to Keith...cracks me up.


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