Sunday, September 13, 2009

Butter Tarts and other goodness

The question during sushi last night was, how do the boats go around? There is a channel of water, in which a bunch of little boats float, chained nose to tail. They float past and you take what you want off them. Later a waiter counts your plates and tells you how much to pay. It's very reasonable, me and Linda paid $40 plus a bit of a tip for lots and lots of very good sushi. But there is no mechanism pulling the boats, since the little chains are slack. So the water must be moving, yet we didn't see a mechanism to do that. We decided there must be a pump somewhere powering a jet of water into the channel. No doubt lots of research went into deciding exactly what the optimum boat speed is to allow people to see what they want and decide to pick it up or not, and not waiting too long for the next boat.

After reading comments from the other day, I have to say it never occurred to me that people might not know what a butter tart is. Imagine that! How empty their lives must be. Done right they are totally worth a long ride. So to help them fill that void, here is some info on butter tarts. Now, in all honesty, I have to say the info in the link is wrong in one regard. Butter tarts *are* often small, 2 or three delicious bites. But they don't have to be...

I met my new coach for coffee this morning. We talked of many things appropriate to the beginning of a new relationship, and both of us are excited to start off a new training season. Let's just say, there is much for me to work on and I'll need every day between now and IMC. The bike will continue as is for as long as we have nice weather, and just now it couldn't be better. I'm going to start being more regular about core workouts starting, well, today. (See later.) Some of what I know, plank, pushups and stuff, plus some things new to me. Then I'll start building back into regular swims again. Lastly will be the running, giving my legs as much rest from the run as possible. She made some suggestions for races next year to fit into the build for IMC, so I've got a bit of investigating to do.

It's been beautiful here today; it's almost a pity I couldn't get out onto the bike. But that's Calgary in the fall for you. I think it's the best season. Nice warm sunny days, but cool in the mornings and evenings. The rest of the week is looking really nice. Linda and I walked down into Fish Creek for an hour or a little more, her steaming along with a wild look in her eye, me trying to keep up. Talk about a happening place! I've never seen so many people having a picnic. Lots of people on the path. It's good to see the park well used. When I got back I went downstairs for a half hour of core work. Oof. Nine pushups, for what it's worth.

In a few minutes I'll go fire up the BBQ for bison burgers a la Linda. You can just imagine how good they will be.

Weekly Summary
Swim .75 hrs
Bike 9.0 hrs
Run 0.6 hrs
Walk 2.0 hrs
Core 1.5 hrs
Total 13.75 hrs


  1. I was thrilled to see the sun out in full force today -- do you know on Thursday I had to SCRAPE my windshield??? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

  2. Glad to have met up with you guys on Saturday night for la sush! Next month we should definitely do Coup!

  3. If I give you my address will you ship me some butter tarts?! Kidding but I didn't know what they were either so thank you for the link!

    I'm glad you're excited about your new coach and I can't wait to hear about your training!!!!


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