Thursday, September 24, 2009

Delayed core

What with one thing and another I wanted to get started a bit early today; as soon as I could. But then, what with some email, and a phone call it ended up being a little bit later, and you know, everything turned out perfect. It was just a little cool for a ride when I was going to start, 11. An hour later it was 15, which is nearly perfect. Even so, riding down some of the hills I could feel an abrupt temperature change at the bottom of some of the hills.

Today's mission was much the same as others recently, ride about 2.5 hours with cadence up, and heart rate about 125. I decided to go down Road to Nepal again. This time was 2:25 for the 51 hilly K. That's 83 rpm, 21.1 Kph average, with the heart rate showing 126 bpm. However I think that last is a smidge high. The monitor was showing 240 bpm for about the first 7 minutes of a ride. It's a little tricky trying to adjust the band while riding. Throughout the ride my heart rate was always a bit higher than expected. I put this down to a crappy night's sleep.

I'm pretty pleased about the ride, though the way back was a bit slower than expected. My legs were feeling a little heavy and gave me a few twinges. I'd been aiming for 2:20. Last ride I caught the light at 37th street and rounded the corner at better than 50 Kph. Today I just missed the lights, and had to get on the brakes about as hard as I ever have to not get into the intersection. Lots of people here take the amber light as a sign to step on it, but not me. Especially not on a bike on that road.

After a good meal and puttering about the house for an hour or so I started my core workout, and started feeling really strange. I was feeling light headed, like I'd been hyper ventilating, and I was getting these weird pinprick sensations all over my legs. So I put it off for a while and laid down for some quiet time. Then I was out and about running errands, picked Linda up at work, ran more errands, ate supper, waited a bit, and tried the core again, and all was fine. 45 minutes there.

All is good. Well, except for the photo on Jenna's blog. That was bad. Shocking. Then Julie's blog talked about something that totally creeped me out. I just can't imagine it happening to me. At least it had better not. I think it's a sign of how big the Julie "nice aura" is that this happened to her.


  1. Yeah, the picture on Jenna's blog is sick and Julie's interaction w/the lady was funny and creepy. Great workouts!

  2. So, ummm, did you want me to wash your back? LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Great ride Keith -- no wonder you felt all pin-prickly -- you are a hill monster!!!

    Hill: "Are you hungry?"

    Keith: "YOU BET I AM!"

    Hill: "What are you going to eat?"

    Keith: "I'm going to eat hills!!! I eat hills for breakfast, SUCKER!!!"

    LOL!! :) :) :)


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