Tuesday, September 22, 2009

dialing in the bike effort

Another perfect day for being on the bike. By 9am, it was 14, and I was ready to go. I even put on sunscreen! I rode 50.2 K in 1:59, with an average hr of 120 bpm, average cadence 83 rpm. Coming back was quicker than going out, though I didn't think there was that much of a wind. This was better than the flat ride last week, and today was out 22X and down 22, which is a much hillier route. I felt much stronger on the bike, able to maintain a higher rpm, and push a little as hr dropped below 120.

After a quick snack, I was snoreonerated by Amelia the Cat. I'd been reading while eating an apple, then fell asleep. I ended up napping a couple of hours.

Core in the evening for about 35 minutes, a shorter and easier workout, plus, I tried for a bit less time lying in a heap on the mat breathing hard. The flex arm hang didn't work out very long. After the first one it hurt to much to try again. Do you guys have any idea how difficult it is to type while trying to ice the inside of your elbow? I'll stop now.


  1. LOL at snoreonerated...how do you say that?

  2. Nap a couple of hours!? Wow, yep, you needed it. When everything catches up with you...

  3. I dozed off yesterday too -- I can't believe how much one puny weight session took out of me. Hahahahahaha!!

    Gotta love Amelia! :):)

  4. 14? What the ...? Are those kilometric degrees or something, because here in Teh Free World, on the other side of the Maple Leaf Curtain, 14 degrees is cold.

    BTW, no commenter has, as yet, put a graphic description of being X-ed by a male yoga instructor on my blog, but Carolina John hasn't commented yet, so there's still hope.

    I'll be sure to let you know if anyone gets her Yoga Phreak On ...


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