Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sunday drive

After some bad news this morning, we took a nice drive down toward High River to pick up another bread plate in the pattern we have. That's the thing about pottery, it breaks. We stopped along the way to leave a cryptic note in the mail box of some friends. We were wondering why there was so much traffic in High River, which is a nice little town, then found out there was a huge show and shine. More than 1000 cars or bikes in it. The place we wanted to go to for lunch was right in the middle of it, and there was no parking to be had for many blocks.

So we headed over toward Longview. That's a really pretty drive with a totally beautiful view of the mountains. Very relaxing. We had a nice lunch in the Black Cat Cafe, then headed home. Throughout the drive I scoped out some great bike routes. With any luck at all we still have a few weeks of outdoor riding. There were a few riders out today, but they are beginning to layer up. Even though it was sunny, you can feel the chill in the wind.

We got the last of the Taber corn during the drive, and I BBQ'd it for supper. Total yummyness. During the afternoon was a short core workout. I was pleased I got the first push up pyramid done, but my arms stopped exactly half way through the second set. Flop.

Weekly Summary
Swim .5 hr
Bike 8.5 hrs
Run 0 hrs
Walk 2.0 hrs
Core 3.25 hrs
Total 14.25 hrs


  1. Not sure of the bad news but I'm sorry! Sounds like you got some working in done, including the windy ride! I hate a windy ride. It can spoil what would, otherwise, be a lovely day.

  2. Like Missy, I'm sorry to hear about the bad news. Hope it's not too bad, brother.

    I lurves me some BBQ. drool


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