Sunday, September 20, 2009


Playing catch up here. Friday swam for about 20 minutes in a quiet pool. Slowly. Tired arms. No watch so I don't know how far I went. Then into the dive tank for maybe 15 minutes of stretching, no real core stuff here. That inconvenient number is 229. It's been slowly drifting upwards the last several months, now to get it trending downward again. mmmm, these cookies are so good.

Pity my course wasn't on Sunday. Saturday was beautiful, another perfect day for a ride. Today is rain and cold, though the forecasters say it will clear by lunch time. But the important thing is, we are off to breakfast at the High Country Cafe, just to check out the butter tart situation. The things I do for my blog followers.

They don't do the huge butter tarts anymore, just regular size. They were told it was too much. Other food was ok, but service was slow because there was a huge group just ahead of us. I don't think they are used to that. The coffee isn't as good as I remember.

On the way there we saw two triathletes out riding in the rain not far from the restaurant. Good for them! I weenied out when we got home, and set up the trainer. booo! I was supposed to ride 4 hours, but weenied out and only rode 2.5. I only got off to change the DVD playing on the computer. I figured I'd need something to distract me, and selected Fellowship of the Ring.

I had trouble getting my heart rate up to target, and once there, trouble keeping it there. My legs would poop out. Plus, I was getting an annoying intermittent clunk from my bike.

Then, core for 1 hour. Again, that includes time lying in a heap on the mat, breathing hard. More plank, elbow dips, wall sit, knee pushups, crunch stuff, rowing, squats, and probably more that I've forgotten.

Weekly Summary
Swim 2.0 hrs
Bike 7.0 hrs
Run 0 hrs
Walk .75 hrs
Core 5.75 hrs (10.75 if you count gardening that one day.)
Total 15.5 hrs


  1. You deserve a big round of applause for GOING OUT YOUR WAY to do some field testing for butter tarts. It is a thankless job, isn't it? Hee-hee!

    Any time Mike has trouble falling asleep, he pops in one of the Lord of the Rings movies. It's so odd -- both of us really enjoy the movies, maybe that is why -- Mike gets so relaxed he just nods off every time! :):)

    HOLY CORE again!!! You going to join the club of those who can crack a walnut between their butt cheeks?? By the end of all this, you'll be able to crack a walnut in your belly button!! LOL!!!

  2. Disappointment seems to be in the ascendant in the running/tri blogosphere these daze ... there's you ... me ... um ... okay, that might be it, but isn't that enough misery, people?

    But what are you complaining about? At least you got some butter tarts out of the deal.

  3. I love that you took a picture of the butter tarts (and your basement!). They look delicious!

  4. You rode for 2.5 hours on the trainer? That is dedication! Nice job Keith. And those butter tarts look mighty tasty.

  5. I can't get over that you do one hour of CORE!! That is fantastic!! And I make deadly homemade butter tarts...its my Grandma's recipe and it rocks...

  6. Your goal is to torture me slowly with pictures of butter tarts, right? Sheesh. I'm just having coffee already and now I want a freakin butter tart. I AM going to make of these days.

    Bless it, 2.5 on a trainer is all that should be allowed. I've done 3+ and it's like some kind of hell. Nice job.


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