Sunday, April 5, 2009

The weather was nice enough that I thought briefly of riding outside today; nice and sunny, high near 10C. This is about where I start thinking about riding, though I'd prefer about 15 or so. But there's still way too much guck on the roads, and they're wet from snow melt. So I rode indoors again, and probably will be for a while. I console myself with the thought that it's much easier to control the workout on the spin trainer. On the bike you have to deal with those pesky cars, traffic lights, and hills.

Did a bit of stretching and yoga, then warmed up for half an hour. This included one leg drill for the first time in a while.
Then into the main set of 6 x 15/5. I did most of this one gear easier than the other day's ride, mainly because it was longer, and I'd been coughing a bit more today. I think this is a good cough.

I put on Pirates of the Caribbean, but the computer quit about half way through. The time up till then went really fast, and dragged a little afterward. About the 2 hour mark my butt started hurting, and I stood for a bit of the last two intervals. The last one was back into time trial gear trying to keep rpm about 90 rpm. Up till now heart rate had topped out in the low 130's or mid zone three. The last interval drove it up to the top of zone 3.

Nibbled on a Cliff's bar, and sucked my energy drink throughout. Mostly I felt strong and could have gone on for a while. I was thinking of blog buddies who did the 70.3 today, and hope they all had a good day. I read about the fecal coliform counts and was so glad i wasn't there. Then again, given the number of kids in the lakes I swam in last year, it's probably best I didn't know the counts then.

After the ride, ran 30 min. It took only about 5 min to find my stride, and I had a good run. Stretched after, and massaged my calves. Overall, I'm pretty pleased with how it went.

Weekly totals probably suck pretty bad, given that I'm coming off a very nasty cold, and it's still not quite gone.
Swim .5 hrs (this is the hardest one to get back into)
Bike 4.5 hrs
Run 2 hrs
Total 7 hours


  1. We have to remember that it's STILL more than what most of the population does. I say, nice work - especially with a cold. Totally sux.

  2. That is still a solid week of training buddy...better to ease back into it after a nasty virus like that vs jumping in and digging yourself into another hole.

    Almost time to start riding outside!!!!

  3. Keith, buddy, I am sending you some serious sunshine right now. AND -- go out and buy some Echinacea. I was instructed to do so by my coach, and it works -- I take two every day -- get the highest milligrams. Once your cold is FINALLY gone, keep taking it -- it's warded off all the crap for me all winter. I take it for a month or so, go off for a week, and then go back on until the nicer weather comes.


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