Sunday, April 26, 2009

Police Half 2009 - Done!

To review. My goals:
- try to run it all except the aid stations, (more than check, since I ran one of them.)
- not puke on the hill coming out of the Weaselhead, (check)
- and finish without collapsing in a heap because that would alarm my wife. (check)

After all, it turned out to be a perfect morning for a run. Cool, just above 0 C, slight bit of cloud, sunny later. Very little wind. Managed to dress properly and was never too hot or too cold.

I seeded myself towards the back. The herd started at just about my max pace. My calves were feeling a little bit tight, so I was content to carry along with them. Throughout the first 10 K I felt very strong, running easily, breathing very easily, though my heart rate was up at the top of zone 3. My calves relaxed, and I ran along. I could have run faster, but I knew there was a long way to go. I chatted briefly with Brian from Try-it near the 5 K mark, and waved to my dentist Brian Walsh that did such a good job on my teeth about the 8.5 K mark. Um, on rereading, I'd like to clarify that the wave happened about the 8.5 K mark, not him working on my teeth. There were lots of people cheering us on.

Passed 9 K in 59:13 still feeling strong. From here we moved onto the South Glenmore path. I was starting to see the same faces and outfits moving back and forth. Some doing a run walk, some running faster then slower. Ran up the weasel head hill, and waved at the pipe band. I didn't see my buddy Graham playing. My run started getting a bit sloppy at the 15 K mark, and about 18 K I was getting tired and slowing down. I kept telling my legs that they didn't have to go any faster, and that we were almost done, but that we weren't going to walk. I passed a bunch of people going up and over Glenmore, and most of them passed me again on the way to the finish.

I felt so bad for one runner, lying on his back about 100 m short of the finish line, half in and out of a small lake of puke. The EMS people were looking at him with interest, and bringing over a stretcher for him. So close. I finished strong, hoping to pass a guy I'd been behind for most of the race, but he sped up too.

Throughout, my breathing was easy, and under control. Even going up the hill I wasn't gasping or panting.
Here's some of my splits.
5K 32:20
10K 1:06:00
15K 1:40:29
And the finish time that all of you have been patiently waiting for is 2:23:12 according to my watch. I'm not sure when they will post the "official" times. You can see that my last 5 K is way slower than the first 5 K. My calves were still ok, but my thighs and hip flexors or ITB was getting tired. But I didn't walk! It might be a faster race strategy to do a run walk, but I wanted to prove to myself I could run the whole thing.

Am I pleased? YOU BET YOUR SWEET ASS I AM! It wasn't so long ago that I couldn't have done this at all, and only a month ago, I was wondering if I could beat the course shutdown of 2.5 hrs. My overall pace is 6:47 Min/K, and 8.8 Kph average speed. My 15 K time is a tiny hair under 9 Kph, which I figured was the best I could hope for. But I'm sure glad this wasn't just the first lap. I don't think I could have done another lap now. I mostly forged along at my own pace, letting people pass as they pleased, and passed when I needed to. I never set a goal to pass someone, then pick a new person and pass them. I wanted to finish. Next year I can push harder. A Gu and water worked fine at the 5, 10, and 15 K marks.

Here's a couple before shots. Adrian from spin class found us before the race, but I never saw Julie, Darryl, or anyone else. I had never realized this hat has a reflective brim.

And here's a couple after shots. This was after I chatted briefly with Alex from spin class.

Weekly totals:
Swim 3 hrs
Bike 2.33 hrs
Run 5.33 hrs
Total 10.66 hrs


  1. CONGRATULATIONS KEITH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I missed you today -- I did meet up with some other tri buddies, but I was alone the entire race.

    I am so proud of you, Keith -- YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Nice job on the race Keith!!! Sorry I missed you today, but it sounds like you had a fantastic race. Also, good for you for getting that race report up so quickly.

  3. Keith. YOU DID SO WELL. Awesome job out there!!! Kudos to you... I am all prickly with pride for you.... hair is standing on end!!

  4. I'll admit it...I'm teary. I am so incredibly proud of you Keith! YOU RAN THE ENTIRE ROUTE!!!! I know how much that meant to you and am ecstatic that you met that goal. Truly sorry I couldn't be there to cheer you on, but I was cheering you from afar! BIG HUMUNGOUS HUG!!

  5. That totally rocks, Keith! You should be proud, legs up, cookie in hand, er, mouth. Hope you are basking in your glory. Nice job.

  6. Good job Keith!!! What a great run for you. So there are pics of you without a wine glass in hand!!!

  7. Congratulations! Loved the report and the pics (the one of your legs on the wall is my fav). I am so excited for you and your first race! You did awesome!!!!!! I got teary too!


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