Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I got chicked!

The weather was a tease today. It was supposed to be 23 C. What with an 11am dental appointment as the last bit of fallout from the fall off last summer, and guessing it would be late afternoon for the promised temperature, I was fairly productive in the morning and early afternoon. I kept looking outside, waiting for the chinook arch to arrive. But no, it stayed cloudy and about 15 C. Eventually I gave up waiting and rode anyway.

Today was short ride down to 22X, out to the turnoff to 22 South, and back. Here's the numbers:
38:18 K
1:23 time
27.5 Kph average speed
59.6 Kph max speed
84 rpm average cadance
129 bpm average heart rate

I wanted to keep the cadence up and get used to the wind. At one point on the way back I was doing 30 Kph or so, and was in a dead calm. I'm guessing the wind was 20 to 30 Kph from the west, and gusty. It's about 11.6 K between 37 st and the 22 turnoff. Going out was 28 minutes or so, and coming back was just under 20 minutes. At one point into the wind I'm just about in granny gear, churning along at 80 rpm, going 15 Kph. Glad that didn't last long. The bit of 37 st that's narrow isn't much fun in crosswinds.

Yes, yes, I know you all want to know the being chicked details. It happened on the way back. I was doing about 35 Kph on the way back, rpm in a good spot, feeling strong. Next thing I know she says 'hi' and kept on going. I don't think it was anyone I know. I picked it up a bit, but couldn't keep up. She just slowly pulled away from me. Nice road bike, not a tri-bike.

I'd promised my buddy Alex some photos but it was cloudy and the mountains weren't very clear. Another time, mi amigo.


  1. Eh, there's some pretty fast chicks out there...no shame in that. My fav is when an old guy on an OLD bike kicks my ass. Damn it boy!

  2. Nothing wrong with fast women my friend!

  3. better a fast girl than an old man!!

  4. Dude...you got chicked?!?

    Kidding of course...I get chicked on a weekly basis in the pool.

  5. I got soooo lucky on my ride yesterday -- I had to wear sunblock!! The wind was the usual, but what a ride! :) :)

  6. yeah you did! I have to get those jersey's made!

  7. That should be made into a tshirt. :)


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