Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Snow. Swim. Run. Desicknessizing

It snowed last night. Again. Only a cm or so. Today is warm so I didn't have to shovel the sidewalk. I continue to feel better.

Went to the pool today for the first time in a long time. The floaties there would say I swam. I'm not so sure. My arms fell off pretty quick. It's hard to breath when you're repressing a cough because there's a tickle in your throat. Mainly I tried to work on form. My lungs aren't quite up to this yet. Did some core work in the dive tank.

Once home I did some stretching, and got ready for a run. My feet have been wanting to run for several days now. You know how the cat wants your lap till you sit down? Sort of like that. My feet were happy enough, but the top of my thighs were sore. Not sure if it's hip flexors or quads or what. It took about 15 minutes to find a pace, settled into it for about 10 minutes, then the wheels fell off the wagon. I ran another 5 min for a total of 30, and walked a couple hundred meters home. This was all easy and slow. Lungs had no problem with this, but my legs were wondering what was going on. Did more stretching when I got home. The stretching included 3 pushups.

I'm reassured that the first bike session sucked too, and the second was better. These sessions have been recalling my body parts from the vacation they've been on. Tomorrow is a bike session, and I'll push a bit there. Then for sure a run on Friday, and we'll see what my lungs think of a swim.


  1. I think swimming is the hardest when you have chest congestion like that. It is hard to cough under water, not impossible, though. But no one really wants your loogey in the water:) Get better!

  2. I echo what Missy says, swimming is definitely the hardest when you're congested. Way to tough out both workouts. Hope the bike session today goes well and the run on Friday!


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