Thursday, April 9, 2009

Good swim, stuff, then slugitude struck

You can see what I'll be up to here over the next little while. After my swim I drove up to Red Deer to pick up these three Limited Edition wine kits. Yummy!

The swim was pretty good. I'm still getting back into it, exploring how much my system will put up with as I continue to recover. Swam 1500m in 30 min, nice and easy. Did some one arm and fist drills. Tried a couple 100 m intervals, and could feel myself running out of gas in the last 25 m. Did a few lengths catchup drill; thanks for the name Susi, I've never known what to call it. A few more lengths nice and easy to cool down. Then some core work in the dive tank. 1.25 hr.

I was planning to do a bike this afternoon, but have just realized I'm tired. I hear a bottle of wine calling me. Tomorrow is a stat holiday, so the pools are closed. That leads to a change in schedule, so I'll do a bike and run tomorrow instead of a swim and run.

Oh, and I got the Echinacea.

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  1. You lost me at wine kit!!! Oh, holiday here too so the pool is ALSO closed. Mmm, I could help you make good use of that wine???


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