Monday, April 6, 2009

bailed on swim, easy run

I had really poor sleep last night. After dropping Linda off at work, I went back home to bed. I had been thinking of the pool, but was coughing more than yesterday.

Did a short zone 2 run about lunchtime, with two strides in there after warming up. I never really got my heart rate back down into zone two again, at least not solidly enough to do another stride. So I didn't. Did some yoga and stretching and calf massage after the run.

Hoping for better sleep tonight. I'm seriously tempted to buy some Nyquil.

Oh, and just as I was writing this up, four deer came up from Fish Creek and were nibbling at the remains of our garden in the front yard. Managed to get a photo of one, but the others slipped around the side of the house and headed back into the cul de sac behind us.


  1. Nyquil out of the bottle, just chug it, it'll help! ...not the WHOLE thing just most of it;) Feel better soon, underwater with congestion like that blows.

  2. I was using SleepAid for a bit. I only needed half the pill to help me sleep and I didn't feel bad in the morning. Trouble is I was starting to take one every single have tried to figure the sleep thing out with out the pills.

  3. I have tried Nyquil and I believe Nytol...both, I found, are brutally tought to wake up to. Right now I have cut my coffee consumption to just a mug in the AMs and that seemed to have helped a bit. I might have to try SleepAid somethime...thx for the recommendation Kelly.

    Keith, we should round up some peeps for sushi next week...


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