Friday, April 3, 2009

Easy run, and guess what?

It snowed. Not much, and it's stopped now, but it snowed during the last half of my run through the neighbourhood. This was an easy run to see how my legs would feel. The other day a half hour nearly killed me. Today, I got in the groove, and chugged along for an hour, fully aerobic, never breathing hard. The last 10 min or so things got a little harder as my legs got tired. I checked with mapmyrun and it was almost exactly 8.5 K. I'd done a bit of yoga first, and more yoga and stretching after. Legs felt good during the run, no nigglies at all. At the moment I can feel my right calf again, but I'll do more stretching later.

In a comment elsewhere I'd noted the blender rule. It was in the context of men being simple creatures. You see, most men are totally unaware of all the rules that are involved in gift giving. Which is why they get into trouble with their women. For instance, men see no problem with shopping at the last minute. In fact, this is an extremely practical thing to do. After all, if you're buying for a shopper, the odds are that if they will like the present, they will buy it for them selves, after you buy it for them, and before it gets given to them. So waiting for the day before to shop is good.

Early on in our relationship, Linda told me that if I ever gave her a blender, certain vital portions of anatomy would be the first things blended in it. It turns out that while a blender might be a perfectly practical thing in the grand scheme of life, particularly if there is a triathlete in the house, there are all sorts of connotations that go along with it. Of which I had been unaware. These connotations imply that if I were to give a blender, it means that using the blender becomes her job. At first she explained it would be like getting me a power tool, but she stopped that line of reasoning quickly when she saw the glint in my eye.

So, what we worked out was a system that allows us to discuss potential gifts, and it's rating as the moral equivalent of a blender, WITHOUT any fallout. It turns out that a coffee maker is the equivalent of a blender, but a cappuccino or expresso maker is not. Who knew?


  1. HAHAHA, yep, that was my blog you left the blender comment on and you know what, I did NOT get a blender for our anniversary. However, I DID get a killer gift..not diamonds or jewels...I got a new car stereo. Isn't that appropriate for 10 years, isn't that the modern equivalent of a 10 year anniversary gift? I thought so!

  2. I am so NOT a techie person and my hubby is a total techie I try to get him gifts that he would like in the techie world, usually get it wrong, he returns it but the thought is there. For our anniversary last year, I got him (us) a little gadget I found that re-charges both my iPod and his iPhone at the same time!! I thought that was super romantic....


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