Wednesday, March 18, 2009


No, that wasn't me during my swim or run today. But here it is, almost 7:30, and it seems like just a few minutes ago I was rolling out of bed, struggling free of the blanket love.

It was another quiet day in the pool today. Warmed up. Did some drill, and golf. 3 x 500m. First was slow, second was about normal for me, and I tried pushing too hard near the beginning of the third, and my arms fell off part way through, so it was slow, slow, slow. Did another golf,(ack!) and some backstroke, and a little bit of crawl to cool down. .75 hr. Stretching in the hot tub.

Visited my previous employers for some transition followup and picked up some contract work. Shopping on the way home. More notes and a flurry of phone calls, email, and MSM. Gosh, I don't miss playing telephone tag at all.

It was cool for the run, and I over dressed just a little. It wasn't as windy out on the path as it was in front of my house. Slow and easy aerobic, 5 x 15/1 for 80 min, plus some warm up yoga/stretches, walking after, and about 20 minutes of stretching after. Lets say 1.5 hrs to keep the math even.

Mostly the path was good, but there were some big puddles that were half water half ice, requiring some detours. My feet were a bit sore by the end. The shoes don't seem to be as cushiony as they once were. I seem to be running on the outside edges of my shoes at least somewhat. It doesn't seem that long ago since I bought these shoes, but I'm notoriously bad for remembering how long I've had something. Can it be time to replace them already? How do you tell?

Seemed like I had just time to stretch, have a quick shower, fire up the BBQ for bison burgers, eat, chat with Linda, now she's off to yoga, wash dishes, do my blog, dry dishes, go stretch some more. I already hear the bed calling me.


  1. Great 80 minutes, Keith! Wowzer! :)

    I know EXACTLY how you feel about your arms falling off in the pool -- my arms are pretty much in pain all the time -- GOOD TIMES! LOL!!

    I know when it's time to replace my shoes when I get a blister. My shoes NEVER give me blisters, and when I get one in a really weird place, it's time to change. Also, I have a pair of shoes that felt just like you said -- not as cushioned anymore. My feet would actually hurt after a run -- so I replaced them too.

    :) :)

  2. I think I'm having Bison Burgers tonight at a cookout, too fun. I'm constantly impressed w/ the amount of time you spend working out...nice work.

    PS- what's "Golf" in the pool? I've thought about it for a while now and can't picture it.


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