Friday, March 6, 2009

Strrrrrreeeeeeetttttttttccccccchhhhhhhhhhh! ooooooo

When faithful readers last checked in, I had bailed part way through my spin session and did some stretching and oozing back and forth on the roller. Before bed I took some pain pills, and rubbed Tiger Balm into my hip. Slept like a rock.

Pretty well first thing I shambled downstairs and stretched for an hour. Gently, trying to work on hamstrings, glutes, IT, Hip Flexors. Played a Yoga DVD while doing this, and incorporated some of those moves, if they looked like fun. Felt much better. I had to laugh at the one demonstrator, with the yoga mat well anchored down with rocks all the way round.

The plan calls for a short easy run today. I thought about it for a while, thinking about getting back on my bike instead. Poked my nose outside, and figured it was -15 C or so, with a light wind. Legs feel much better, and I thought that a short easy run could be considered hair of the dog. Plus, I think I get back some of those weenie points I racked up last night. Gotta get something for saying, 'I ran outside for 30 minutes in -15 C, with a stiff wind.'

Ran easy around the neighbourhood, keeping turnover light and quick. One advantage to it being this cold is that you know everything is ice all the way through. No worries about breaking through and getting feet wet. And oddly enough, lots of the ice offers fairly good footing. Just toward the end my legs were getting a little tired. Stretched more afterward.

So there's the workouts for today done. Yahoo!


  1. Glad you feel better (or at least it sounds like it). Yay for Spring!

  2. I too pray to the foam roller

    they will reward you for the sacrifice I assure you.

    Glad to hear spring is headed your way!

  3. Stretching is the magic bullet!! :) :)


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