Friday, March 27, 2009

I miss working out

I do. Really. It's been a week, after all. I'm feeling more rested now, and I'm getting to the point where I want to start doing something. But I'm not ready yet. How do I know? Well, breathing during yoga can still induce coughing fits. Laughing at a post on Chuckie V's blog turned into coughing that had Linda wondering if I was ok. It's hard to get into an aerobic workout when your lungs aren't cooperating.

I've been feeling much better the last couple days, but there's still a lot of guck in my chest, and it periodically makes it's way out. I'm just assuming you don't need the gory details. Though I'm willing to bet some bloggers with this would video themselves and the results if only they thought of it in time. I should probably stop talking now.

I tried to seek medical attention. The nearby walk in clinic is closed for lack of medical staff. You can tell it's not a temporary closure; all the computers and file cabinets are gone. I'll bet if they don't find staff before the lease runs out it will be closed. I've been meaning to look for the next nearest one, but I know it's not close. I do have an actual doctor's appointment for next month, for what is supposed to be an annual physical. Considering that they are booking more than a year ahead for such things, it's a bit of a laughable concept. Still, I'm at the age where I really should get the slippery finger of life at least semi-regularly. And no, I'm not complaining, considering what my female friends go through.

According to the sign on the wall of the examining room, I'm allowed to bring up one additional item. This cough isn't going to be it. Nor will it be the fallout from my spill last year, other than to say it's doing as well as can be expected. I'm not sure what is. I'm wondering if it's time to get one of those fancy genetic tests where they look for disease or condition risks. I'm in way, way better health than I was 2 years ago, but I'm still carrying extra weight around my middle. One can see that. I want to know about the things that can't be seen. The things that can get taken care of when discovered early. What to watch for. Ect. We pay enough for our medical system, might as well try to get what we can when we have the opportunity.


  1. Keith...please look after yourself!! There must be a doctor somewhere in Calgary you can see? I know the medical system sucks but please do what you need to do to get better!!

  2. And I thought we had it bad down here...We don't have that long wait to get in to see a doctor (and we can bring up as many issues as we please) but the doctors we see seem to have no interest in actually helping to find a cure for us they just pass us through as if we're just another piece of cattle in the herd. You see, the dollar is very motivating down here...but helping people? Not so much. But I guess it's 6 of one, half dozen of another.

    Your cough sounds very familiar-I'm so sorry you have been dealing with it for so long. Sounds like you are giving your body the much needed rest it deserves but I agree, it is just so hard to keep resting when you've been doing it for so long! I really hope you feel better, Keith.

  3. Dr. Jelly Finger, calling Dr. Jelly Finger! Hahaha, yep, I gotta laugh at the drama guys go through on that one. Been slapping my arse up on that table for years!

  4. P.S. Hope you're feeling better!!!

  5. I hope you're feeling better by now! That stinks about your "doctor's office" or whatever they might turn into. Being sick is the worst. I'm glad to hear you're taking it easy though.


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