Sunday, March 8, 2009

Nice brisk day for a run

I trust that going for a brick run in that dispels any lingering taint of weenieness from last week. It was snowing, very lightly.

KS, my wonderful massage therapist worked me over for 1.5 hours Saturday. It hurt so good. If I could afford it, and if she'd be willing to put up with the drive across Calgary that often, I'd get one done every week on the run up to race season.

The spin went really well. I warmed with about 10 minutes of light stretching first, then got on the bike. Started with 20 min warmup, with some slow accelerations at the end of the warm up. Some one leg drill 90, 60, 90 seconds each. A bit of easy spin with some more accelerations, trying to slowly go through the rpms where the sympathetic vibrations and resonance normally set in, staying in control of the spin, engaging the core. oof. 6 x 8/2 aerobic. Settled into a nice gear most of the way down the cogs on the small chainring, maintaining 85-90 rpm. Speedometer said about 27 kph, for all that means. Heart rate bottom of zone 3, nice and steady.

What was annoying is that it sounded and felt like the back shifters were changing half a gear on me. Lots of pops, snaps, but no crackles. Not sure what it is. Maybe tomorrow I'll dab in a few drops of chain lube and see what happens. It only did this during the aerobic sets. 1.75 hrs on the bike.

Did a 4 min transition, and out for a 15 min run. My legs are still feeling a bit heavy, and kind of all shook up from the earlier run and massage. Pace was slow, but I had to be careful of my footing anyways. I was thinking about how I was planting my feet, and I'm going to have to watch the right one. I think I might be doing something odd there. More details as it happens.

Weekly totals:
Swim 4 hrs
Bike 4.5 hrs
Run 3.25 hrs
Aerobic snow shoveling 1 hr (told you I was going to count it!)
Total 12.75 hrs.


  1. aerobic shovelling totally counts! awesome workout yesterday too.

    i keep looking outside and thinking, crap, i gotta run in that?? but i will. it's only for 1/2 hour anyways. will just bundle up. :)

  2. Love the aerobic snow shoveling!!! LOL!!!!

    I know what's the cause of the sounds your bike is making... or should I say who is tha cause. It's your inner shark, getting feisty again. He's all messed up with the weather fluctuations and he's been coming out to play when you are biking, and hiding when you are swimming.

    Have no fear, he'll get sorted out soon enough -- I think Linda just has to make another batch of cookies (any kind will do!) and the shark might snap out of it. :) :) :)


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