Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Extra workout shoveling snow.

Back to the plan again today. Went in hoping I'd be able to get to do drill.
Warmed up. Did a bunch of drill. Shared lane with a fairly fast breast stroker so this all worked out.
3 x 500 m, with one minute rest. Did them in 9:28, 9:32, and 9:33. Just as I was starting the breast stroker went away, and my buddy Deb joined me. She normally swims ever so slightly slower than my regular pace, and I was pushing a bit today. Still, only passed her once in the 1500 m. Drafted her to cool down so I wouldn't swim too fast. Sort of a cool feeling, but I'm still not convinced that swimmers can draft each other. Yes, I know many of you say so; I've never experienced it. To me, it seems that you'd swim best in non-turbulent water. Following someone, you're going through their turbulence. If anything the lead person is pushing water back, and at least some of it is pushing against you harder than still water would. So maybe some of you more experienced swimmers can explain where I've got this wrong.
So after the cool down, we chatted and got caught up. I think she said she's doing Chinook again, and will be doing IMC this year. She gave me some great volunteer tips. So an hours swim, then into the dive tank for core work for 15 minutes.

This morning when I woke up it was raining. Shortly after it turned to snow. Lots of snow. Thick, heavy, wet snow. I got home to between and inch and 2 inches of this on the driveway and sidewalks. I shoveled it. It took an hour. I'm counting this as aerobic workout. People that don't think that's fair can write to me at keith@bitemybutt.ca.

One thing you can say about Katie's bike workouts is that you know you're going to work. She mixes it up and keeps it moving. And except for one particular song, the music totally rocked tonight. Not pumping bike music, but it made me feel young again. Warmed up, did some one leg drill, some cadence drill, then into the 3 x 12 min main sets. She broke these up into smaller 2 or 3 minute bits, always changing things. There was even a little bit of downhill!!! This was 1.75 hr altogether. Great workout!


  1. i need to start doing longer bike workouts! phew!haha. good job.

  2. I don't really understand the swimming/drafting thing and I've been swimming for as long as I've been walking. I feel like it mimics a boats wake - have you ever water skiied? When you're straight back from the boat you're in a protected wake. But if you move to either side you shift outside that wake and it becomes choppy? So, if you swim in the correct "wake" of the swimmer before you,they'll do most of the work. I don't know?

    Great workouts!


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