Monday, March 9, 2009

A swim is just a swim

Especially today. Not many people in the pool today so I had a lane to myself till I was almost done. Warmed up. Left shoulder still hurting. Drill. Terrible golf scores. 3 x 500 m with 1 min rest. First one was ok, second was a bit slower, and the third was rescued from total slugitude only because I was trying to keep up with the girl in the next lane. I turn faster than she does, but she can swim a little faster. The last 200 m were pushing quite hard, but it was still the slowest of the three. The really slow swimmer joined my lane just as I was starting my cool down. I swam slow and easy for 6 or 700 m, trying for a nice stroke. Toward the end I started getting the feel of the water again.

Mega cold out there today. Didn't even think of doing a run. Did a bit of stretching, but I'm still sore and creaky.


  1. My car door gets creaky in the cold too...

    So, no shark in your swim today? We really have to work and getting him to come out and play. :) :) :)

  2. Sounds like it's been cold up there lately. Man you guys are hard core! LOL about Julie's car door comment.


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