Thursday, March 5, 2009

Results of a nearly sleepless night

One of the hangovers from shiftwork is poor sleep every now and then. It doesn't happen as much since I started working out, but it still happens every once in a while. Last night was it.

Getting up was groggy and slow. Once I got to the pool I found I had done something to my left arm overnight. I could barely get it above my head. I found this out pushing off the side of the pool. Good thing my mouth was underwater so the other patrons didn't hear my scream. Warmed up really carefully and for longer than normal. Did some drill. Tired arms, the left much more so. Tried a golf and was appalled by the number. Started doing the many 150 m intervals the plan called for. The first was nearly 3 minutes!! The second was only slightly quicker, and the third about the same. The fourth was brutal, and I stopped. Did a bit more drill, and tried one more golf. I don't even want to talk about it. No feel for the water at all today. Cooled down. Half an hour tops. Did some core and careful stretching in the dive tank for 15 min. Did more stretching in the hot tub, trying to get various bits into the good jet.

Came home, and had a bit of quiet time. It's not the day I'd have chosen to clean out the recyclables in the garage, but it's that or start parking the car outside. It wasn't cold particularly, but the wind and bit of snow was brutal. I'm ready for spring, just in case anyone was wondering.

Couldn't face going out into the cold again for spin class, along with all the packing, unpacking, repacking, and driving. Call me a weenie if you feel you should. I got the work out from Greg, and set up a bit early to get'er done.

Started warming up, and found more pain. Right hip now, some weird twinges in my left knee, and my left shoulder isn't liking the bike position. I hopped off the bike to do some stretching and rollering. Ouch. Back on for the one leg drill. That wasn't so bad. Greg had laid out a three times 15 min course. We can tell his brain is still on vacation because there was actually some flats and downhill in it. First one was ok. Just barely. Got part way through the second one, and stalled on the hill. My legs didn't mind moderate spinning, but they weren't happy about hills. Shambled through the remainder of that lap. Sat up, assessed, then did some easy spin to try to flush out the legs. Did more stretching and rollering after. My massage therapist comes on Sat, and I think I could die happy if she was here now.

Linda is thinking that the scittering and near fall yesterday may have strained things a bit more than I thought. Or the run was harder than I thought and I didn't stretch enough after. Or what little sleep I got was in some weird contorted position. Or, just being thorough here, maybe I was kidnapped by aliens last night and they did all sorts of weird things to my poor bod.

Needless to say, I'm hoping for a much better sleep tonight.


  1. Sounds to me like it was just one of those days...nothing feels good. Best listen to the body and do what it tells you.

  2. I agree with Kelly...unless of course your bum is sore. In which case I would be very very afraid of those aliens. LOL!!!!

  3. And sorry -- I'm just commenting update yet. :) :) Hee-hee!!

  4. Ohyeah - it's aliens FOR SURE!!

  5. I am definitely perplexed so I opts for your thorough explanation.


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