Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Greg worked us hard

It's still frigging cold out. It took a real effort to get myself and bike gear into the car for spin class.

Warmed up lots. One leg drill. Then a 3 lap course with all sorts of stuff in it. Each lap was supposed to be higher intensities. Since he wasn't riding, Greg came around, looking at heart rates and gears. 'Go one more harder' he said, a lot. It was a really good workout. 1.75 hrs.

I've noticed an interesting thing with my elbows, as I'm riding. The left one rotates nicely, as is to be expected. The right one, well, it has some difficulties when my hand isn't moving. Played with that a bit during the ride. Feeling the tendons and bits of bone, or whatever else is in there, rubbing against each other during the rotation is very interesting. I think I'm going to have to work this into my bike rides.


  1. do like susi and just stick your tits out ;)

  2. and place your tongue to the roof of your mouth :)

  3. Does Greg carry a whip too?
    Cause THAT would be funny!

  4. OMG -- I was going to say stick your boobs out, but Jenna beat me to it!! LOL!!!

  5. it works! i swear!!! and then you can practice drool bubbles like mike!!


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