Sunday, March 22, 2009

Springtime in Alberta. Again. Still.

Yesterday was so nice, mid teens, snow melting, warm and sunny. Last night and most of this morning it snowed. About 6 inches here, fairly wet and heavy stuff. Susi doesn't even want to talk about how much came where she lives, way to the NW of here, and quite a bit higher. Some places near her got a foot. More might be coming.

Plus, somewhere along the line, I picked up something yucky. I haven't coughed up a lung yet, but my body has been trying every now and again. Not fun. Workouts curtailed until further notice. A good sign would be my body deciding my lungs aren't foreign interlopers after all.

Weekly total
Swim 1.5 hr
Bike 2.5 hr
Run 2.25 hr
Total 6.25


  1. Get your rest....are there any of you spinning this weekend at tri it...if so what time slot,,,,I am thinking of doing it.

  2. Eeek...feel better soon!! Spring/summer is on its way...when we are having a toast after IM 70.3in August, we will remember none of this crazy cold and snowy weather.

  3. I believe they say a snowfall in March is equal to 5 snowfalls in December, in moisture content. So the optimist could say, "at least there's lots of moister for things to start growing!"

  4. All right Keith, enough of getting sick already! Time to haul out the big guns and get some serious rest until you are truly 100% better.

    Now go tuck yourself in under the covers with a snuggly little Amelia and get better!! :) :) :) :)


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