Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Wet yellow

A new week begins. The last couple weeks have been treated almost like vacation, being newly (re-re-re) retired and all. But this week will be a bit more active. I've got a photoshoot later today, and a trip to Cypress Hills to pack for.

You might be amused when you learn the packing checklist includes wool socks, running tights, wool sweater, and a winter jacket. Yes, the days will be sort of warm, but we will be out at night. Often at night astro-photographers spend an anxious few minutes deciding where to point their camera, working the composition, getting the camera settings just right so it runs by itself. For some of us, that process is repeated twice because, like me, they bring two cameras. And then the photographer waits. Depending on the circumstances, I might do some writing, (blog or novel), text w buddies, play Sudoku, or nap/meditate. One guy I know plays Yahtzee.

When you're alone, it's a good time to relax and think thoughts. New Zealand was good for that. It was warm and there were no predators to worry about. Other than humans, of course. One of my buddies needed an armed guard while she was capturing some awesome night sky photos. Why? She was on safari in Africa. Even out in the boonies here in Canada, there are some pretty significant predators, other than humans. Wolves, cougars, and bears come most readily to mind.

Or the photographer might be working to capture various scenes, in which case the set up is repeated again and again. This can be lots of fun, especially with a buddy or a small group. More importantly, given our weather, you keep moving. This helps you stay warm when it's cold because you don't want to go into a warm place. Why? Because your camera lens will fog up and take it's own sweet time about unfogging. Once your camera is cold, best to keep it cold. Your spare batteries are in an inside pocket, of course.

The weekend shots were mostly in the garden. It took a surprising number of shots to get this the way I wanted.

Really, all the interest is in that one drop at the end.

Driftwood of the Day

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