Sunday, January 30, 2011

odd workout combo today

Saturday I was in a course all day. It snowed. I watched My Fair Lady and drank wine, feeling very sophisticated. I don't want to turn this into a rant about the crap that Hollywood turns out these days, but I so much enjoyed listening to the witty dialogue, the brilliant songs, and the wicked satire.

Sunday I slept in a bit, which means out of bed at 7am or so to feed the meowing mammal. Then after some browsing I napped more. Then came the workout. It's been snowing here. I've already shoveled the driveway and front sidewalk twice. This morning I powered through the driveway and front sidewalk, which only had maybe an inch or so, then tackled the side. It's longer, and was more than a foot deep in places. Even though it's light snow it still takes a lot of doing when it's that deep. I was out there about 45 minutes, and I should probably count it as core and cardio. Started off being cold, then working hard enough to be sweating enough to fog up my glasses.

Then it was off to our book club meeting. Regular blog readers will know this is usually held in a pub, preferably one that serves Guinness. The odd thing about it is that we talked about the book first, and for quite a while, which was a bit of a surprise. First coffee, then hanging out and chatting, and sipping Guinness. Lifting that was the other workout.

We hit the library on the way home so I'm now listening to Delicate Sound of Thunder, and we've got Beat the Devil cued up for our evening movie. Now I'm much too late to get onto the bike today, unless I don't want to sleep tonight. However, I don't think my knee minds the rest.

Weekly Summary
Swim 3.5 hrs
Bike 2.0 hrs
Run 1.25 hrs
Total Cardio 6.75 hrs
Core 2.25 hrs.
This is getting back to a more balanced cardio workout. The last while has been very heavy swim. I'd like to increase bike and run a bit more next week.


  1. Pets and children completely change our definition of sleeping in. 7am? Once upon a time, that would be getting up early.

  2. So no more Sunday spin class?? Nice work on the lifting workout. I did a similar one on Saturday night!

  3. I'm catching up, about two posts behind. It's not fair that Canadians get credit for running in cold winters when you get such great weather! This January here, it snowed 27 days and never got above freezing. Maybe I should vacation up north.


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