Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Yet more crazy weather

After posting yesterday's blog the weather went insane here. See photos and story below.

Moved the Wed swim to Tuesday. There was no point getting to the office before 8:30. The new office. A window office, even. oooooh! (with a view of a parking lot.) My swim was just a little bit slower than normal. Maybe that's from swimming two days in a row. Or feeling just slightly off. No worries. The high point of the swim is finding out the girl I was sharing the lane with is actually Mrs. Elegant. 1.25 hrs.

The bike was a fun ride. Still nice, but windy, and a bit gusty. At one point I was riding about 30 Kph, and mostly dead calm with a few cross wind gusts. Just 2 hours with 6 x 5 hard then 4 easy and 1 build to the next hard. Hard was supposed to be Oly or sprint pace. I've never done a sprint. So I just went hard as I could go for 5 minutes. Heart rate typically into the 130's and breathing really hard. Easy warmup, good spin and cool down. 2 hours. The orange and citrus Nuun are ok, but not as good as the tri-berry.

And core. Let's not forget the core. A long list of stuff. All of it ok, except planking to failure multiple times. Not quite a half hour, some which was lying there on the mat in a pool of sweaty sunscreen.

It started nice. Very shortly later I happened to be looking out the window when it was raining hard across the green space. Not a drop on the driveway. Until a few seconds later. Then there was howling wind and really hard rain. Lots and lots of rain. All of a sudden there were waves of water, whitecaps and all rolling down the street from a strong west wind. Then the hail started but that didn't last long. Lots of rain, lots of wind. For a while the wind even reversed direction and blew just as strong towards the west. There's broken branches down all over the neighbourhood.  If you want a cheap car or RV and don't mind some hail dents, several dealers have "A Hail of a Sale" on right now.

Here's some photos.

This last one is the storm drain in front of our house. The water is at least a foot deep there, and is starting to spill over the crown of the road. There is enough water running down the gutters to easily float a canoe.


  1. Geez! That's nuts. At least your grass/flowers are getting watered.

    Mrs. Elegant? Did she swim like she deserves that title?

  2. Once again, nothing in the NW. We get the snow storms in the winter and the south gets the hail storms in the summer!!

    I am putting my bike back on the trainer since that's the only way I am going to get rides in this summer!

  3. Eeek, don't want to switch places with you.

    We had quite a strong thunderstorm just half an hour ago, but I never saw anything like this around here. And I'm really glad about it.

  4. Those pictures are nuts!!!!!!!!!!!


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