Sunday, January 31, 2010

Steady state ride

We went to a friend's 50th birthday party last night. That's one of the clues I'm not a spring chicken anymore. It's 50th birthdays or anniversaries, or retirement parties, or funerals. One of those tomorrow. Sigh. The party turned into a bit of a runaway with me getting to bed much later than I'd like for a spin class starting at 8am across town. I was awake, sort of enough to feed the cat at 7am, then I went back to bed.

But I was good, later. Well, I'm good all the time, but you know what I mean. After coffee and breakfast I lurched downstairs and did 20 minutes of core. Everything done very slowly. 5 superslow perfect pushups. Some side plank with leg lifts. 10 deep tricep dips. 6 single leg squats, and later 10 slow deep two leg squats. Plus other stuff.

Then onto the bike. I'd originally thought to do one of the workouts I missed when I was sick, but after a good warmup, I realized I wasn't in the mood to keep track of things changing every minute or two. I wanted to settle down and do something for a while without having to think too much. What I came up with was 6 x(9 min steady, 1 min standing) The steady part was big ring, third biggest cog which is usually my time trial gear. I was trying for 85 to 90 rpm, and settled for 83 to 85. This held my heart rate between 120 and 125 bpm the entire time. It was great. All I had to do was pedal and periodically make sure I was still in range. Standing was 2 gears harder, but it was mainly to stretch my legs and give my butt a rest. Warmup had some cadence drill and one leg drill, and cool down had some easy gear easy super spin stuff. Altogether 1.75 hrs.

Transition was 12 minutes, but then when Environment Canada says it's -13 C (8 F) with a light breeze and snow you don't go rushing out any wetter than you need to be. Transition included checking the weather, drying off, eating a cookie, sweeping the front steps and walk, and putting on more clothes. My calibrated nose says it was colder than the weather report by a few degrees. Wind chill was at least -20.

Ran easy for 24 minutes, keeping heart rate low and trying to be nice and smooth. Maybe a cm of snow had fallen, making it a bit tricky to see where the ruts and icy bits are. I do just fine running, but walking you'd think I was spastic the amount I slip. Stretched 10 minutes after.

Weekly Summary
Swim 2.75 hrs
Bike 5.0 hrs
Run 3.5 hrs
Walk 1.0 hrs
Core 4.0 hrs
Total 16.25 hrs


  1. Okay, SOMEtimes I go rushing out wetter than I need to be. Sometimes.

  2. Well..consider this your official invite to my 40th b-day party NEXT year (as in early 2011). It'll be a gooder...


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