Wednesday, January 13, 2010

No swim toys at all this time

The swim plan was more for drills today, not needing the pace clock so much, so I went to FOMC instead of CM. Shared a lane for a while, and ended up swimming with Mr. Beautiful Stroke. He swims just a hair quicker than me, but takes about 10% fewer strokes doing it. What with the workout and a bit of extra swimming I was in the water 60 minutes. Then into the dive tank for 15 minutes of core and some stretching.

It was 5 C (41 F) and sunny today. Perfect running weather. For a while I was actually hot in tights and long sleeved tech shirt, and wishing I'd worn shorts. Then the wind picked up a bit near the reservoir and it turned out to be just right. Walked 15 minutes warm up and cool down. Here's the run route, 11 K altogether, 76 minutes. Average heart rate 133!! Right where I wanted it.

This was a nice steady pace for me, slowing down only slightly to slurp down 2 semi-gels that Cath sent me. She gets them from the UK, and they don't need to be taken with water. They're about twice as long as Gu, and are more liquid. They taste really good. Took one at 20 min and the other at 40 minutes. Worked on keeping my arms swinging and my stride nice and relaxed. Stretched 15 minutes after I got home.

Yoga was a perfect followup, with good shoulder stretches, and good hip opener stuff. That's 1.25 hours, and if it was like that all the time, I'd go every day.


  1. We were just talking about perfect running temps today. I really like the 40's, some tights a shirt a hat - not all these dang layers. OH, it was probably 16-19F the day I did the damage to my skin. I was out for ~55 minutes and it took its toll. Lesson learned.

    Thought of you this morning, of the frozen picture you took a few weeks back - our hair and eyelashes were frozen this moustache to get snot frozen in, though:)

  2. Thanks for converting. I look at 5C and think, "okay, so what." But, 41 degrees IS F*!$ING AWESOME!


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