Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The sun is shining, but it's not a run day

So I shoveled the driveway and sidewalk instead, trying to do a good job of getting the compacted snow off of it. Darn these people that walk on the sidewalks after it snows but before I shovel mine!

I didn't quite beat Jenna out of bed or onto the workout, but then, she's on major drugs. That's the only explanation. I mean, who else could believe in January that winter in Toonville is going to be over "soon." Yes, I asked her if there were any to share.

Started with some stretching then into the core workout. This was a gooder, as my buddy Mary that I used to work with would say. There's one Sara showed us from camp, lying on your side with your arm out above your head, elbow BEHIND your head, trying to get your armpit close to the ground. My right is fairly close. Amelia the cat can almost walk under my left. Lots of pushups and plank and squats and wall sit and and and and for an hour. I still can't side plank for very long, even less time than I used to be able to, but somewhere along the way I acquired the ability to do leg lifts at the same time.

Normally I start my workouts by reading over the plan and getting it into my head. Mental preparation, on the theory I need all the preparation I can get. Well, not Preparation H, none of that so far. Somehow, reading it over I got the idea it wouldn't be so bad, but once I got into it, wow! At one point I was sucking sweat up my nose because I was working so hard. Weird way to hydrate, but it felt kind of good. This was the first time the plan has had 130 rpm on it. There was a five minute set (x4) near the end that went from time trial gear, to 110 rpm, to time trial gear plus 1 and maintain 90. I'm glad that was the last really hard bit. Took a good cool down for 1.75 hrs altogether.

Stretched another 15 minutes, a good chunk of that was simply having my feet elevated. I really like that one. After eating, showering, and a brief nap (Amelia snoreonerated me so it's not my fault!) I was out to the driveway.


  1. Amelia did what now? snoreonerated?? I got to run outside in the sunshine, and it was a recovery run so I really got to enjoy it. :)

  2. Nicely done. Though I'm a little disturbed by your new means for hydration. I suppose, technically, it could work. Probably doesn't taste so grand. I wonder if it has more benefits than a PowerAde or GatorAde? I mean, sweat has salt, so, it's got to be somewhat good for you, right?

  3. Cat naps are the best...especially when they are with your cat. :) :) Peanut is a heavy breather and a drooler. She sleeps on to of my head and drools -- cat saliva will run into my ear and shock me awake. LOL!!!

  4. I don't know...nose sweat is sorta like a saline solution, so I guess it's OK, but a little gross.

    I used to hate planks, but am beginning to like them. Weird, huh?


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