Sunday, January 3, 2010

Sunday brick

We were watching the series finale of Battlestar Galactica last night. Overall we really enjoyed the series, seeing how people dealt with a near impossible situation with no right answers. Lots of action, and no shortage of character driven story leading to watching the people change and grow. What I really liked is seeing a gender neutral society, where the shape and location of your reproductive organs doesn't limit your role in society. I thought it a bit odd that the "rag-tag fleet" could produce amazing quantities of booze and cigarettes, but have trouble producing toothpaste. I admit to being a bit disappointed in the choices they made during the final episode; I think they could have been smarter. Very well worth watching, if you haven't because you remember the dreck version from the 70's.

Onto the important stuff, my Sunday morning brick.
On the bike for 1.5 hrs of fun goodness and sweating a bucket. I ended up backing off the one leg drill a bit, doing it in 30 second chunks instead of minute chunks. Then a 20 minute run. It took a little while to find a good stride as my legs felt a bit slow and heavy. It used to be that getting around the block in 20 minutes after a bike was a major effort, now I can keep my heart rate at the bottom of zone 2 doing it. I call that progress. Still frigging cold here, -23 windchill, so the transition from bike to run has to be done carefully.

Then 3 sets of core. First was all good. Second was a just barely state of affairs. Third was a shambles, essentially going to failure rather than the time suggested on the plan. But it's all good.

Weekly Summary (rest and semi-sickish)
Swim 2.5 hrs
Bike 2.25 hrs
Run 1.5 hrs
Walk .5 hrs
Core 2.25 hrs
Total 9.0 hrs


  1. Keith...very nice my man...sounds like one helluva session!

  2. Sorry you're sickish...I thought I owned that title, blech.

  3. i admire you doing bricks in the winter! no matter what my schedule said, i would refuse in the winter. i am just too sweaty adn it's too cold here. haha. major HOOYAH! for ya!!!

  4. I've been watching Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles like you suggested. :) :) Good times!

  5. A brick run when it is -23 out? Brrr! Is Katie still teaching the session? Are you going to do the Tri-It Spin-a-thon on Sunday?


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