Thursday, January 14, 2010

Hey! What happened to Tuesday?

I missed blogging about Tuesday. How could I do that? And none of you noticed. Hmpf.

Tuesdays are really similar to Thursday's so you'll have to pay attention here.
The push up plan said to put my feet on the bottom stair. That lasted 4 pushups. Amazing how the smallest change has a big impact. I didn't quite fall on my face, but it was close.  Went back to normal pushups, from the toes, and got through the sets. Everything else was good, even plank on hands for 90 seconds. It took a couple goes to get through heels 6 inches up though. 30 minutes or so.

The bike was 1.75 hrs of goodness, lots of interesting stuff, with different times to keep track of. Trying to see through sweat infested glasses hasn't got any easier.

Headed downtown to have a beer after work with a buddy I see once in a while. I used to work with him and it's good to stay in touch. That threw my evening schedule off, so that's probably why I didn't get my blog done.

Thursday now, talking about today. Which was ugg right from the start. Wed is a big workout day for me and I didn't sleep particularly well. Once I got home, I couldn't face going right into core, so I had two cups of coffee while dealing with blogs and email. Life in blog land is a little slow these days, so get with it guys!

Stretched a bit, then got into a tough core routine. Several new moves. I was supposed to go through the routine twice, but ended up doing parts of it for a third time to get the time in for wall sit with fit ball, and planks. The problem with wall sit is that my feet start slipping out from under me. I tried the padded mat but that didn't work. Maybe the yoga mat might work. Tried a leg lift once during side plank and that worked better than ever. Improvement does happen. 45 minutes of core and stretching.

Then onto a tough bike workout. Lots of big gear work. Lots and lots of sweat. Legs, especially hip flexors were tired when I got out of bed, and they're even more tired now. 1.75 hrs of bike, and another 15 minutes of stretching after. All right, 5 minutes of that was lying there with my feet up. Love it.

Lamb, spuds, and corn for supper, with Mourvedre red wine. I think I'm going to go to bed early. Another big day tomorrow.


  1. I TOTALLY noticed, too. Cause I keep track of your weekly posts. I have that sort of time. You on the other hand are lazy.

  2. I rarely have time to keep track of my own blog, let alone yours! :P

  3. LOL at the Hmfp...that's a classic!

    Holy doodle man, you are ripping out the works outs...

    thanks for the info on Muskoka...I'll really look into it.


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