Sunday, January 10, 2010

Brick, Geezers, Shorts

For once I wasn't the first person to show up at Katie's Sunday spin brick. There was a couple people waiting for rides to go to the spin-athon. So I guess I was the first real class person. However, I sustained a brutal disappointment along the way. I was waking up slow and steady, but during the drive to class I had a sudden yearning for good coffee. No 7-11 or Starbucks swill. Real coffee. There's a good place just past Try-it called Lazy Loaf and Kettle. (all worship and sprinkle rose petals.) I was going to get a coffee to go, and maybe one of their squares or cookies to sustain me during the ride. But they don't open on Sundays till 9am. Boohoo!

I think a coffee would have been perfect to give me a bit of zip during the spin session. I felt a little slow and flat, and could feel myself start to run out of gas at the 90 minute mark. I pushed through to 120 minutes, though the last sets were a bit of a struggle, and I was in much easier gears than normal.

One of the things that I find really amusing about spin class is how people set up their bikes. At Try-it we usually end up in an L shape along the outside wall, then toward the middle of the store, with Katie on the stage facing us. Once about 10 people have set up this way, it's totally impossible for anyone else to get in. Or out to get water. Why do people do this, blocking the path to the exit? There's lots of other places and ways to set up. The spin class at Speed Theory did exactly the same thing, though in a different pattern. Do other spin clubs have the same problem?

During the run it felt like a layer of flab had been surgically inserted on the outside of my thighs, just below my butt, and I could feel it moving around with the muscle for the entire 30 minutes. I worked really hard to stay at the top of zone 2 and keep good running form. It was a beautiful day for a run, about 0 or just above, very little wind. I saw a couple people running in shorts. I had tights with a long sleeved tech shirt over a short sleeved shirt, and was just about right. Lots of people on the path, including several sets of people walking 3 abreast with no consideration for others. Or the two really really slow joggers (I look like Mirinda Carfrae in comparison both because of my speed AND good looks.) that insisted on going down the middle of the path.

Then I totally weenied out of the core. The first thing was a brutal plank /pushup combination. We were doing one or the other for what felt like about an hour of subjective time. I think if I'd been fresh I might have got through more of it. Maybe. Then some other stuff. Everybody else did a half hour or so, but I'm only counting 15 minutes of it because of the time spent flopped on my mat.

On the way home I passed a geezer wearing a fright wig, driving a tank from the 70's. Buddy behind me was in the middle of passing when the geezer simply moved one lane to the left. He was lucky there was a lane to move into. There was an indignant honk. The geezer looked to the left with a blank expression, as if to ask what's the big deal? She never looked before changing lanes. Guy sped up a bit to get away from her, and we exchanged glances as he passed me. She moved over another lane without signaling, and turned left onto Heritage without signaling. No idea how many people she frightened. Maybe she was going to take the next left to visit her children in the nursing home there. I seriously believe we need to start giving people drivers tests before automatically renewing their licenses. One of the conditions of renewal is that everybody should have to take a safe drivers or defensive drivers course during the 5 year term of our licenses. Then once you hit 65, say, or be the cause of a serious accident, you should go on a yearly renewal. I will cheerfully waive these requirements, if someone can come up with a reliable geezer-ometer. Then we relate the geezer score to your freedoms and responsibilities, or lack thereof.

The swim shorts are still AWOL. Both me and Linda are puzzled. We haven't torn the house apart or anything, but we've done a pretty diligent search. We now suspect Amelia the cat of having dragged them somewhere totally random, even more random than I could be. We aren't slandering Amelia; I had one cat that used to go into my hockey bag, dig out the socks, and drag them about the house. So the possibility *is* there.

Weekly Summary
Swim 3.25 hrs
Bike 5.0 hrs
Run 3.0 hrs
Walk 1.0 hrs
Core 2.5 hrs
Total 14.75 hrs


  1. You're in Kanada. Shouldn't you be drinking and bragging about Tim Horton coffee?! Hmm??? I've had it though, and I wasn't impressed. Of course, I don't like Starbuck either, so I guess you shouldn't ask me.

    I LOVE plank/pushup combinations! We should have a challenge.

  2. I know this will be sacrilege for some (Hi Shannon) but Tim Horton's coffee doesn't do much for me either. Half and half with hot chocolate it's drinkable, I guess.

    We shouldn't have a challenge. I'd lose. Quickly.

  3. LOL at people running in 0 degrees in shorts...then I remembered that you're probably referring to 0C/32F, so it's not quite as crazy, but I'd still be in tights too.

    I'm guilty. I like Starbucks. My husband is convinced they put something in their coffee that makes it so addictive (something other than coffee that is).

  4. I was thinking about your missing swim shorts -- are you sure you brought them home? Maybe they slipped out at the pool? Or could they have slipped out and fallen outside in your car, in the garage, etc?

    I wear tights, two merino wool shirts, jacket, balaclava, toque, mitts, and earmuffs at 0 degrees. Still too cold for me!!

    On my run yesterday (up the highway and back) I had to move out of the way of a frigging Volker Stevin snow plow!!!! Dude almost ran me over, I $hit you not!!!

  5. that's because you have no body fat jules!!! no wonder you are always cold, haha. oh, and mind the big arse snow plows eh? yikes!!!

    keith, good on ya for getting the workout done even without your coffee! hmm, now i'm craving timmy's hot cocoa. mmmm.

    btw it's 'tri-it' not 'try-it'. :)

  6. Keith, I can't believe you dissed Tim's on your blog...

    Friends OFF!

  7. I couldn't stay mad at your forever..

    Friends ON!

    Looks like you had a stellar training week just face for the past several months. Looking super consistent and ready to rock it out at IMC when the time arrives.

  8. Sorry, can't do Tim's or Starbucks - Cowboy Coffee at our local coffee shop EVERY time - ask Julie! I had 2 last year, and then had to go for a 2 hour bike ride as I was hideously hyper and annoying the hell out of jason!

    PS it was about -2c last night at 7pm - so warm compared to recent temps admittedly, but there was this guy walking along the main street in his shorts and thongs (that's what you call what we call flip flops isn't it!) I might be a softie British girl, but that's CRAZY! :)

  9. I guess Katie's last class is the 24th? So I'm going to show up to that one. Good job on your brick even if the wheels weren't quite there.

    Are you sure your swim shorts made it home? Maybe it is time for a new pair..??


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