Thursday, January 28, 2010

I got lucky this morning

Sigh. You guys. I know what some of you are thinking. Yes, you. Plus you, and you, and maybe you too. Don't you know Linda is sick?

I came upstairs between the core and bike workouts, and found this amazing sunrise, and thought I'd share it with you.

Of course, the actual view was a much brighter orange. Calgary has some of the nicest sunrises and sunsets.

I had lunch downtown with a buddy today, (thanks for the invite DT!) so I wanted to get started early. Slept in till about 6am, then had coffee and granola while looking over blogs. Left a rant on Missy's blog that might amuse you. Shortly after 7 I was downstairs coring away. The tough thing was the mountain climbers. The last few seconds were brutal. Everything else I got through ok. I think my body has finally clued in this core stuff is going to be happening, so it's doing that building and strengthening thing to the point I'm seeing some results now. That was about 40 minutes overall. Then I came upstairs for some water and saw that sunrise.

Then it was back downstairs onto the bike. I knew this one was going to be tough, and I wasn't disappointed. After a good warmup, it was right into cadence work. At least there was no one leg drill today. I find it tough to switch back and forth from hill climbing to high rpm, and there was lots of that. Even though I can't do gradual build worth beans while running, I can do it just fine on the bike. I think it's because I can see my heart rate and rpm, and its easy to step it up a bit at a time.

Overall I was working pretty hard and sweating a bucket. Didn't inhale any this time, in case you were wondering. But it got me thinking about when I started these bike workouts a couple years ago when I was fat and totally lacking in anything even resembling fitness. I got a bit damp then, yes, but not like now. Certainly I'm working a whole lot harder, but my fitness has increased as well. At the end of the workout today I sat up and realized my shirt was entirely wet. I sat up during the cool down, took it off, and actually wrung a few drops of sweat out of it. That's a first for me! One of these days I'll have to weigh it, dry and wet. Has anyone ever done that? Weighed themselves before and after a workout to determine how much they've sweated out?


  1. Silly Keith. The days when Linda are sick are the PERCECT days to "get some" - she'll be too sickly to resist your advances. Mr. Moose LURVES when I'm under the weather. Sometimes he brings home the used Kleenexes of ill winos and tries to pass them off as my dinner napkin.

    And while I've thought about weighing my pre- and post-run shirt/bras, I've never quite gotten around to actually doing it. I'm guessing it'd go three lbs. or so. (What is that in grams?) :)

  2. reader/or I am behind because I left a comment about your rant on Missy's blog on yesterday's post, which I did find very entertaining.!

    The sunrise is beautiful.

  3. Heavy sweater here too. After a hard ride not only is my shirt saturated, but also the towel I use to wipe off my face, arms, etc.

  4. Congratulations my friend, you have just broken the sweat barrier. You know you've arrived when you can wring out sweat from an article of clothing...

    It only gets better (or should I say wetter?) -- wait for it!!! Hahahahahahahahaha!!

  5. great shot...looks luvly. Great work too...dontcha love experiencing improvements in your fitness? Keeps you rollin. Keep it up!


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