Friday, January 1, 2010

I had a witty title but lost it. Sigh.

Thursday was a rest day. Literally. After dropping Linda off at work I went back to bed and stayed there till she called about 11 saying she was getting off work early, and come get her please. I must have needed the rest because I feel much better. We did some shopping on the way home, puttered about the house, and settled in for the beginning of Battlestar Galactica, season 4. We're loving it. We didn't make it till midnight though. Call us old fogies if you must.

Friday is still cold, and the pools are closed, so I moved my run and swim to Saturday, and took today as a rest day. Except that I bleached 3 doz wine bottles to get the remnants of label goo, or water spots, or wine film off. That's fun. Started a new wine kit, a German Ehrenfelser, which is a nice dry white.

Then I was good and did a half hour of core and stretching. My hip feels fine, but I'll be sure to warm up well before the run tomorrow.

Sometimes I get all sentimental and maudlin talking about the year just past, or the year coming up, but none of that this time! It was a good year overall, but there was some shite too. It's done. Gone. Looking forward to 2010.

About the only thing left to do is to thank my readers for showing up and commenting, and hope to see you here regularly.


  1. We made it to 10pm! Our only excuse is the we have guests at the B&B who had jetlag and so were very early risers - but if I was honest, we were so knackered we'd have probably been in bed early anyhow!

    All the very best of luck in everything for you and Linda this year - it'll be a cracker, just see :)

  2. It's okay. Witty titles are often lost when you're an "old fogie." ;)

    Glad you and Linda had a good night.

  3. I made it 'till 10:30 last night...I don't even have a good excuse.

    Re: your email about driving and texting...I completely agree with you. Makes me crazy when I see it. GAH! (no apology for the rant were singin' to the choir).

    Have a Happy New Year Keith! Thanks for stopping by my blog too!

  4. i was awake for midnight, but not up. and only because i was reading my book, haha. being awake past 10 pm is a miracle for me! LOL. so sad, haha. happy new year!


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