Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Pre-breakfast. Pre-COFFEE even

Yes, I know that anything pre-coffee is weird and unnatural for some of my readers.  My brilliant coach had an idea about my core sessions, and why some of them don't go so well. It turns out that I'm always doing core last, after all my other workouts. No wonder I'm tired. So she suggested that I try doing some of them first and see how that works out.

Today core was first. Like really first thing, and it all went well, though push ups within 5 minutes of getting out of bed seems a bit odd for me. Got through all three sets, though the very last pushup was a strain. I only got through it knowing it was the last one. Everything else went pretty good, other than struggling with my ipod's stopwatch "feature". Core was about 20 minutes or so, and I did another 10 minutes of stretching after the bike. Thursday I'll try the core after breakfast and see how that goes.

The bike session was super! Lots of good stuff in it. One set pushed my heart rate up to 145 bpm. That's the highest I've seen it on the bike in a while. Total bike was 90 minutes, though I was actually on it for a bit more.

Today is a rather special day for us. 25 years. Wow. It's gone by so quick. It seems like just a short while ago I woke up from the initial part of the BDD, and according to Linda I've been a work in progress ever since. Oh, BDD stands for Bonk, Drag, Domesticate, which I recommend as a marriage strategy for all my single female friends.


  1. How weird is this...this morning, I met with a trainer (one of the benefits of signing up at the gym...one "free" orientation with a trainer...and a pitch to buy more, but I won't go there).

    Anyway, he told me that doing strength and core AFTER cardio is doing it backwards...that I should do about a 5 minute warmup, then do some balance work (core essentially) and one muscle group (this morning legs), THEN do the cardio. When I do the strength work after cardio (especially when I do 45-60 minutes of cardio), I really don't have fuel left for my muscles.

    I'm still thinking about this, but your post made me think about it some more.

    BTW...BDD...that's what we ALL do.

  2. Good idea on the core! And congratulation on the 25 years - makes mine and jase's 12.5 years sound really quite shirt in comparison!

    Have fun celebrating....the BDD made me laugh :)

  3. Happy Anniversary!!!!

    It took Mikey a few weeks to screw up the courage to ask me out -- he kept coming into the store and buying my Mom and employees ice cream and such. He primed them for info about me. Hahahahahahahahahaha!

  4. Congratulations on 25 years! That's a feat! It must be all the staying home and making wine and watching BG that keeps you two together. ;)

  5. Congratz on 25 years, that's an amazing accomplishment!!

  6. Happy Anniversary!

    Oh, and be mindful of how much brekkie you have before doing core...LOL.

  7. Core before coffee?????? Anything before coffee????? What has the world come to!!!

    Congrats on 25.....was going to say more but thought it wiser i do not! LOL

  8. Hi Keith, sorry i have been sucking on my blog, i am going to try to do better. Congrats on your anniversary! I am wondering if you give seminars or at least have a pamphlet on this BDD thing of yours, i need something around here!!!haha. your core comments have me thinking and you may be onto something!!!

  9. Happy anniversary! Hmm, core in the morning. That sounds like an interesting idea. I should try that. Maybe on a day when I'm not running late for work.


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