Monday, January 11, 2010

All the pool toys, and a short resolution

Today's swim workout called for all the pool toys that I'm willing to touch. Pull buoy, paddles, kick board, and fins. After seeing where geezers and kids put pool noodles, and what they do with them, I'm never touching one of them. This was the first time I'd used fins since I was a kid. I was supposed to do 4 x 100 on 1:50, and did the first one in 1:20, even getting a lung full of water the first time I tried to breath. The bow wave is much bigger when you're going faster. Then I settled down a bit trying to figure out the optimal amount of push for the amount of breathing needed. This was kind of fun. What depresses me somewhat is that there are lots of people who can swim 100 m in that time *without* fins. Sigh. Flip turns are much much easier to do when wearing fins, which was a bit of a surprise for me.

Second from the end was 4 x 50 on 60 seconds. That was ok. Then 100 m easy, then 4 x 50 on 55 seconds. Turns out I need that 5 seconds of breathing. I'd like to have another go at that without someone trying to talk to me about joining the lane. I was in the water 67 minutes.

Skipped the hot tub again, and sat briefly in the steam room. There was only a mild bought of the snuffles about 3pm. Just outside the steam room door is where the shallow water aquasize class instructor does their thing. I kept shaking my head trying to get the water out of my ears, because all I could hear her yelling at people was "assholes, hard, harder!" Lots. I didn't think the City would continue to hire such a person for the people in such a class.

The run wasn't quite shorts and a T shirt. I was *that* close. Tights and long sleeve tech shirt. It was just above zero C and the ice on the sidewalks was just beginning to melt. Oddly enough, I didn't slip once while running 5 K, 35 minutes nice and easy. But twice I was nearly on my ass while walking for cool down.

The great shorts saga is over. Found. They were behind the chaise lounge, snugged in between the leg of the lounge and a briefcase. It was in a shadowed spot, and it's tough to spot black shorts in a shadow. What's odd is that I had looked there twice, and I think Linda looked once, and we never spotted the shorts. Maybe it's time to get the prescription for the eyeglasses checked. I've already got the trifocals, how much worse can it get?


  1. I blame the missing shorts on the Blue Men. Did you ever see that old Twilight Zone episode?

    A guy wakes up to find he is the only person in the world but all these blue men are destroying houses, cars, everything. Their job is to destroy everything and then recreate every object for the next minute.

    The way I remember it, is the guy learns that if you ever have your keys go missing, in, "I just laid them there a minute ago!" The blue men made a small mistake and the next minute or so, the keys reappear. Hence the exasperation of looking over and over again in the same spot for something, only to find it some time later.


    It was the blue men, I tell you!!

  2. Great swim - hey, before you know it, you'll be swimming 1.20 without your fins, go get 'em!

    Hmmm....eyes....they're a funny thing eh! You could be nearly blind in one eye like me! I have an incurable disease in my left eye, which will one day end up needing a cornea graft - I'd take the trifocals any day :) When it was first diagnosed about 10 years the optician was very excited, as it's a rare condition - funny, I didn't have quite the same excitement as they did :)

  3. You're so right - kids do some unspeakable and obscene things to pool noodles. What's up with that?

  4. keep it up my man...soon enuff you'll be flying thru the aqua SANS fins....

  5. Don't ask how much worse can it get b/c you may just find out. She was calling those poor old people assholes, huh, sounds like my kind of girl. Shorts and a t-shirt!!! KEITH, I got frost bite today in honor of my northern friends for crying out loud. It was bad.

  6. Weird about the shorts.

    LOVE using fins.

    Shorts and a T for just above freezing temps? Now THAT is hard core.

    Happy New Year!


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