Monday, November 23, 2009

Nice swim and walk

Today was a peaceful day at FOMC. There was a long hard swim on the books, and I'm glad I essentially had a lane to myself. Lots of warm up, then into the main set. That started with a 400 m swim, but I lost count and given the time I'm pretty sure it was 500. Worked hard on thinking about keeping my stroke even and smooth. Then some intervals, getting shorter, and harder, with less rest between them. My arms were beginning to start falling off by the time I got to the 100m sets, but I was stronger than I thought I'd be. Most of them were about 105 seconds, and one of them was 100 seconds on the nose! I was really pleased with that, once I could breathe well enough to appreciate it. Cool down. That was an hour altogether, not counting chatting to my buddy Deb that I see once in a while. I haven't seen her since Chinook, having missed her at IMC.

Then 30 minutes of core including 10 minutes deep water running without the sissy float belt. That felt really good. Chatted with my lifeguard buddy for a while. Later in the afternoon I was out for a 45 minute brisk walk around the neighbourhood while it was still nice.

KK, this Katie is the coach leading the Sunday am spin, run, and core sessions I'm attending. I'm in awe of her, really. She's about half my weight, I'm guessing, and could totally kick my ass.

Julie, I wasn't planning on going to the restaurant before the swim session. Swimming in the evening is going to be tough enough, so I'll want to control when, what, and how much I eat as much as I can. I'll see you at the pool!

Glaven, s'up?


  1. Swimming won't be that tough for me as I'll be drafting off you....Hahahahahahaha!

  2. Finally, a non-crowded pool! Sounds like a good day. :)


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