Thursday, April 23, 2009

Short and sweet workouts

When I got to the pool today, I was in no mood to drill. It had been a hard day yesterday. My legs were tired, but not sore. Oddly enough, the sorest part of me was my back. During the run my upper back up into my neck was very stiff. Yet i don't think I was scrunching my shoulders. Later, my low back was stiff.

Same with this morning. So I just swam. I was feeling a bit slow and tired and weak, so I only went 2 K. The first 1K was a bit slower than normal for me, and I missed my target pace of 20 min by a few seconds. The wheels fell off the wagon during the last half, and I was way slower. Did a few lengths of backstroke as cool down to get me to .75 hr. Did another 20 min or so stretching and core work in the dive tank.

There's lots of snow on the ground, so I knew I wasn't going out. As I write this, of course, the sun is bright, and the roads are dry now. Go figure. Set up on the spin trainer. Warm up, 20 min spin at a good pace to get me going. 5 x 1 min hard with 2 min rest. Cool down. One hour.

Did some stretching, and more legs up against the wall. My cat snore-onerated me into a nap earlier this afternoon. I think I needed it. Rest day tomorrow, easy short run on Sat, then the Half! The weather has been all over the place, so I have no idea what to expect.


  1. Sounds like things are coming along. I need to incorporate some of your workouts (stretching/core work) into mine. You're so good about doing everything!

    GOOD LUCK THIS WEEKEND! You'll do great!

  2. I pick door #1 with the yoga mat. Thank you for your humor. :)

  3. I love putting my legs up the wall. I find it somehow makes me more flexible for stretching after. :)

  4. WHOOOHOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! Have an awesome run this weekend!! Will be cheering and sending positive vibes from Sask!!

  5. Keith -- you are going to have an awesome race on Sunday. You are so much stronger and fitter than last year. :) :) :) :)

  6. Gooo Keith.... I can heardly wait to read about your fabulous race!!! Go Go go!!! Run like stink and then a bit more!!

  7. Best of luck at the half tomorrow! Hopefully we'll run into each other so I can say hi. The weather looks not so fun for tomorrow. Fingers crossed the pathway will be in good shape at least!


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