Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A regulation pushup!! Two of them!

A while ago Jenna had a little competition going about doing a zillion pushups. There was a build up program for it. Several of my fellow bloggers fell for this, I mean, participated. I could tell because of the blogging complaints about being unable to move their arms, and some stopped blogging altogether for a while because they couldn't type.

I had a really really good excuse, in that my right arm was non functional at the time. But it's been getting better. Today, almost by accident, I did a push up. A full regulation military pushup, then did another one just to prove it wasn't a fluke, and to debunk any nay-sayers about starting in the wrong place. I hear there is a big controversy about starting at the bottom or the top. Anyways.

Last my faithful readers heard I got an inhaler. I'm using it as directed. I'm now up to two nights in a row of good sleep! Imagine that. So this morning I puttered around for a bit, did some light stretching, a bit of yoga, then got on my bike again. I wasn't sure what to expect, but I felt better than yesterday right from the start.

I still didn't want to risk overdoing it, so I snuck up on my target heart rate carefully. My thought was to spin easy at the top of zone 2. After a short warmup my legs found 90 rpm quite easily. Shuffled through the gears a bit till I found the one that brought me to my target, and mostly settled into 8 min at target, and 2 min easy. Lungs felt good, worked up a light sweat. Shoulders and back didn't give me any sass and I felt happy and comfortable on the bike. I could have gone on, but remembered that I'm still recovering. Pedaled for an hour. Compared to bike workouts over the winter, this is pretty darn light, but compared to what I've done in the last week or so, it's big time.

Did a bit more yoga and light stretching. Was doing Downward Dog, and morphing into the stretch where your arms are pushing your shoulders up while your hips stay on the mat. Did that a few times, then did a pushup instead of going back into Downward Dog. I was so startled I did it again. And probably could have done another one. Did some plank for good measure, moving from front to side, to front to other side, several times. Didn't plank all that long, maybe a minute altogether, but it felt strong and stable. My elbow is still a bit crunchy, so I didn't think I could do this yet. I'm happy with the improvement, but I'm not going to go looking for a job as a fitness instructor or one of those demo models.


  1. Inhalers are goood - advair and/or albuterol. From one asthmatic to another sick-o, hang in there, they will help get the gunk out! Nice work on the push ups. My Olive Oil arms can't hack it.

  2. triple dog dare ya to go for a fitness instructor life coach! good on ya for doing the pushups!!! now i want to see you do a jack palance one arm pushup, tee hee.

  3. "Some stopped typing all together." Funny.

    Way to go on the push ups. Accidental or not, sounds like you're well on the road to recovery!

  4. Way to go on the push ups but i thought you were knocking off hundreds of one armers all this time!! And yes, inhalers are good and if you keep it up you will feel 100% in no time.


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