Wednesday, May 25, 2022

The before

Linda has been not-so-patiently waiting. Waiting to see if the flower selection in the stores would get any better. Waiting to see if the frost damaged plants would be replaced. Waiting till most of the danger of overnight frost has passed so she can fill up the many planters. Wincing at some of the prices. Elbowing the other shoppers between her and her prey.

I replaced the metal supports so she could put up bigger hanging baskets, but that's about the extent of my participation. Well, other than photographing the results. I know nothing of flowers, their care and tending, and Linda has a plan. I try to not be in the way.

Since the planting started yesterday, I thought I'd go around and show some wide angle shots to give you a sense of what the garden looks like before all the planting. Then once she gives the ok, I'll go around and get similar shots.

1. The selection of bought plants.

2. These tulips are in the back corner, and were some of the first to bloom.

3. Another view of the back garden bed. If you look at #4 here, you'll see the big blue vases just out of frame to the right, that will soon be overflowing with flowers. 

4. The east side of the house toward the back. The daffodils are a bit past their prime now, but there is a tree peony in the middle of them that we're watching. The bed beside the house was over run with iris, or something. Linda has cleaned that back, and put in some new roses to climb the trellis. 

5. The east side of the house toward the front. A ring of daffodils again, with several roses planted in the middle. The bed beside the house has many tulips. Getting photos of them is difficult because of the netting to keep the voracious rabbits and deer out. Or at least slow them down. There's a couple peonies in there doing really well, and some lilies pushing up. We are already inspecting them for the dread lily beetle.

6. The side bed with the two clematis rescued from the back fence several years ago. Linda didn't think they'd make it, but they are doing fine. There's a rose in the middle that aspires to take them over, but I think it's got a fight on it's thorns. Lots of tulips and lilies and I don't know what else in there. White peony on the left, red one on the right.

7. Front corner featuring the mint plant I use to lure in the bees for photos.

8. From the front, featuring lilies, daffodils, and a several roses just getting started.

9. The front patio tulips, inside some netting.

10. The side of the house next to our neighbour. There's some nice tulips in here, and if I hadn't had other things on the go during the short time they are in sunlight, there'd be better photos of them. They really are quite a lovely red. 

11. Another ambitious clematis. I sometimes have to get a ladder and discourage it from exploring the attic. There's another clematis on the other side of the trellis, but it's younger and still getting started.

12. In the back again, with the bed beside the house.

13. The tools of the trade. Yes the patio umbrella is up and the bbq is ready for action. Well, it gets used pretty much year round, but the task soon is to clean it out and get a fresh layer of oil on the grill. 

There are other places where there are plants, but they're still emerging so there isn't much to see. Stay tuned for more photos!

Of the Day



Landscape from a recent photoramble with Sean and Cam, before we started the actual walk.

Film. I don't remember the shadows being quite so pronounced. Not sure if that's a film thing, or some funny shadows, or what.

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